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htc passion

  1. Y

    How to push arabic libs with out custom recovery?

    I have downloaded the files from here but I don't have custom recovery so i can't flash the zip but the dev tells me i can do it via terminal but i don't know how can any one please help me and give me the commands.:(:confused:
  2. L

    Need Some Android Sync Softwares

    Hi there, I am looking for some Android Sync softwares which can syncronize data between PC and Android cell phones wirelessly. Is there any good one?
  3. A

    Call Recording on HTC Passion...?

    Does HTC Passion... 1) Comes with native call recording functionality...? 2) Support call recording with 3rd party applications...? (not using the speakerphone) Thanks. Reference: http://androidforums.com/android-lounge/181663-android-phone-call-recording-function.html#post1623446
  4. D

    What phone is this forum for?

    Now that the N1, Incredible, and Desire have all been announced (which were all thought at one time to be the Passion), which phone does this forum represent? The hypothetical VZW-bound HTC sense ui sporting 1ghz snapdragon phone? There are just too many topics to move and too many important...
  5. vido.ardes

    Bravo / Desire Officially Announced - New Sub-Forum

    Now the phone has officially been announced, we will be creating a Desire Forum. Feel free to discuss it if you want, but try to keep the number of threads to a minimum as we will have to move them all over later!
  6. G

    HTC Desire

  7. DreamAngelzz

    i am newsradio

    Guys,its me,iv made duplicate accounts,newsradio,dreanangelzz and desire, I will now leave this forum. Sorry.
  8. vido.ardes

    Just to confuse matters furthur... Bravo = HTC Desire?

  9. DreamAngelzz

    will usa be the same ?

    As iv exclusively revealed,UK bravo is now called DESIRE,what will the usa. Version be called?
  10. carthesis

    HTC Bravo/Passion and Google N1 RAM

    A question for the general forum population: I'm looking around for info on the Bravo/Passion, and the commonly held wisdom is that the Bravo and the Passion are basically the same thing, except for different markets (Bravo UK/EU, Passion US), and that they both share more than a passing...
  11. H

    Rumored incredible, passion, bravo the same?

    Are the rumored Bravo and Passion supposedly different than the newly leaked Incredible, or the same thing? Or don't we know? What's our best guess? I try to keep up, but my head starts spinning.
  12. TheNorthernForest

    ***HTC Incredible Forum***

    HTC Incredible - Android Forums From now on, all INCREDIBLE discussion goes here. Threads will be moved, if necessary. Enjoy, guys.
  13. L

    LOST the passion to wait

    I have been following this forum since the first images of the so called PASSION HTC phone with it's 1GHz snapdragon cpu, etc.. but I pretty much had it and decided to buy the only other phone that comes close to the description of the PASSION. Anyways, I will stay with that phone and by the...
  14. D

    My theory on the faceplate...

  15. Nashdroid

    HTC Incredible Sub-forum: Do it!

    The time has arrived. Moderators...it's been a long time coming and we've all waited for something official. Will one of you do us the honor of creating the official HTC Incredible sub-forum now?
  16. N

    Finally got the word...........

    The new phone you've been waiting for will be let out of the bag on the 15th of this month. It will have the ability to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text. It will also have a very nice web browser, and will operate on the Android OS, with a 2.6 megagygabyte processor. It...
  17. DreamAngelzz

    Latest Passion/Bravo/ new news only thread.

    This thread can be the new and only thread for Passion/Bravo latest news.
  18. newsradio2261

    my final thread,newsradio2261

    Guys, iv finished,people can imitate me,but as long as everyone knows my new id is not nevvsradio,or anything like that,I'm glad you all have heard of me,so when its all announced you will know I was genuine, no one will have a clue about my new id,and for all you thinking I would put...
  19. J

    Super Bowl Ads

    Hey guys, just saw this on another site and thought I'd share. It seems Google and Motorola both may have ads during the 3rd quarter of the game. Unfortunately my Jets bowed out one game early, but if this is Android Verizon/Nexus One Verizon news for me, it would take the pain away a little...
  20. C

    Please close the HTC Passion Thread

    Long time reader in the Android forums, finally joined in December to follow up more on the Moto Droid and Eris. I think this thread has long outlast its use. It currently does not follow the main topic of the thread title. There is to much bickering between members and looks very childish...
  21. J

    Everyone's favorite prophet back again? Newsradio?

    Found the most recent post on the site very interesting when I logged in a little bit ago. Either someone is being funny, or he's back, or something. Check it out... http://androidforums.com/introductions/42649-hello.html
  22. Nashdroid

    HTC Passion News/Discussion

    OK, so let's just say that the Bravo is going to come to the U.S. and when it gets here it will be called the Passion. The moderators keep moving our threads, well...here is the problem: The Passion has been confirmed to be the codename for the Nexus One. Well, there's already a Nexus One...
  23. Jbrown93

    Thought there was something big happening today?

    Hi there I thought we were supposed to get some new pictures of the bravo/incredible. Can anyone tell me whats happening?
  24. newsradio2261

    This is Newsradio

    please ignore this thread,its closed please use other thread.thankyou
  25. newsradio2261

    this is newsradio,i have NO proof, but i know, your choice if you want to believe

    Feb 12th, next friday, you will all see what come to light, if you are the type to be so anal and need pics,links,videos, its not going to happen, i know but cant prove it, your choice, im genuine, so positive comments only please...:)