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htc sensation 4g

  1. abu supri

    wifi not working "error"

    help me please :( :(
  2. A

    My phone is not turning on even holding both power botton and volume down botton

    My phone is not turning on even pressing both power botton and volume down botton It's simply black
  3. N

    Accessories [?] Aftermarket battery

    Can anyone suggest a good aftermarket battery for the Pyramid? I recently got a used Sensation 4G, the battery is bloated. The phone will read 100% fully charged, I'll take it off charger and if I use camera/flash or OTG storage it shuts down after a few minutes. before buying an OEM battery I...
  4. D

    Help bluetooth problem

    Hi i have a htc sensation xe and i have a problem when i switch on the Bluetooth the mobile phone will turns off and on by itself. it will take about 5 seconds from when it goes on and the off again . if mange to switch the Bluetooth of it will works fine. Any help please. Thanks alot Daniel
  5. 8

    Help How to utilize a EXT4 partition on SDcard as "internal memory"?

    Hello I have a rooted HTC Sensation with CarbonROM 4.4.4 and a 32GB-SDcard with a FAT32-partition first and a EXT4-partition (about 12GB) as second partiton. (Then, windows can read the FAT32-partition right?) Soo, now im looking for a script (in a zip for example) or something that makes this...
  6. L

    Help Phone not charging on slimrom

    Hello, I recently rooted my phone and put the latest Gapps on and the slimrom/kat from xda forums onto my sensation. However for some reason it only charges the device when off, when i turn it on it wont charge. I do have a dodgy usb connector but surely this wont be the issue, as when i put...
  7. L

    Help HTC wont boot after root

    Hello, I recently unlocked the bootloader on my htc sensation and then s-off using juopunutbears method (wire trick). I have the 4ext recovery and tried to flash the superuser app at the end of following this guide - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1864053 What did happen...
  8. J

    Help Help me to Solve this HTC Sensation

    Model HTC Sensation PG58130 Problem: Hang on Logo Only Action Taken: 1. try to factory Reset = Same problem 2. Try to Recovery Mode = No Recovery Mode. displays a mobile with a triangle and red exclamation mark. 3. Try to send CWM via Fastboot or CMD command = Failed. logs below 4. try to JTAG...
  9. 8

    Help Wake up HTC Sensation by digitizer? Like HTC M8?

    Hello Ive noticed that you can wake up the HTC One M8 by pressing i.e 3 times by tapping the screen (more correctly: tapping on the digitizer). I have an HTC Sensation 4G PG58130 here in my desk drawer. Might it be possible to wake it up by tapping the digitizer or something? Or maybe wake it...
  10. P

    HTC Android version 4.0.3

    Dear All I am using HTC sensation android phone 4.03v. From recently some features will reset back automatically Raging volume reset to back Even thought auto rotate screen check box clicked it un-clicked automatically SMS raging volume reset to back Please advice
  11. M

    Can you suggest me htc service center in chennai?

    I am the owner of htc one, but it
  12. H

    Help Multiple "Not Responding" Messages

    I used to be the proud owner of my HTC Sensation -- until I got suckered into the ICS upgrade, which turned out to be a downgrade of the severest proportions. I upgraded in 2012 and have had the system repeatedly crash ever since. The latest problem is that I am now getting multiple messages...
  13. M

    Help HTC Sensation stuck on white HTC screen

    Hi, I'd need help of an expert... I just tried to instal Slim Kat on my rooted Sensation (pyramid) using CWM 5. 8. x. x touch, wiped everything according to the slimroms installation instruction and got the message 'instalation aborted'. I don't know why I ever thought it would be a good idea to...
  14. R

    Help Signal problem in the philippines

    how can fix my phone i cannot detect any network here in the philippines how can i fix my phone?
  15. F

    Help Help ID black rubber piece that fell out of HTC Sensation 4G

    Hi, I replaced the digitizer (HTC Sensation 4G) and a little black rubber piece fell out, and I don't know where it goes. I'm going to try to post a picture, but not sure if I can or where it will appear (I'm new). If it matters, the phone now turns on, but doesn't turn off (unless I...
  16. D

    Help htc sensation xe crashes; improvements by ROMs?

    hi everybody, i am new to this forum but i hope you can help me. i have the general problem that my htc crashes from time to time. so it turns off suddenly, even if it's only in my pocket and thus not really used. sometimes i can not even restart it. it crashes then again, directly after...
  17. D

    Phone number input in contacts

    Hi I have an interesting question. Does anyone know if you could input a phone number with a * for example 012 345678* and the phone would treat all the variations of that number as one person. Trying to find a way to know weather multiple people call you from the same company and you don't...
  18. P

    Help [Q] UK HTC Sensation XE - GPS problem in US

    I have a UK HTC Sensation XE that I am using in the USA. I cannot get any GPS lock. Is there a difference in the UK version that does not detect USA available GPS satellites? The phone thinks I am somewhere in Europe.
  19. H

    Unable to switch on. How to root?

    Hey! My phone is no turning on. And then some mechanic changed power IC and then it switch on and stuck on htc logo. Then he worked on some kind of ROM i don't know what he done to it but now when ever try to switch on phone it displays a logo in center and 4 warning signs (i.e in the post...
  20. C

    Help] Wifi and Sim Error when SD removed !

    Hey droid community, i just rooted my phone with cm along with the right kernels and Gaaps, phone started perfect and beautifully. then i removed my SD card and wifi disappeared and wont find my network and sim became undetectable. i think it might have something to do with me using the files on...
  21. C

    Help How to recover a interupted video

    Hi I have an htc sensation 4g . when i use the video recorder until the battery dies ,those particular videos can't be play,just show a blank image with the play icon. How can i play or recover those videos?
  22. P

    Can I edit the grid of phone (space between icons)?

    Hello does any one know if it is possible to edit the grid of my phone? I like to make the space between the icons smaller so I can add more widget and icons.
  23. S

    Help HTC Sensation xe screen help please

    hi my htc sensation fell on the floor and and screen cracked, so took it to mobile shop they put new lcd and touchpad the problem is that it works fine for a while but then the screen gets crazy and starts touching itself and starts seleting stuff itself and the screen does not respond then...
  24. A

    how can i root with adb?

    I cant push su or busybox, and i cant make the system rw
  25. F

    KitKat clear entire search history

    I've been removing searches from history on KitKat one by one How can I delete the entire search history?