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huawei ascend q

  1. S

    Root huawei ascend Y H866C

    hey there happy holidays. wanted to know if this rooting method will work with the huawei ascend Y H866C. http://af-templates.s3.amazonaws.com/images/smilies/sp/smoking-somb.gif Ive looked all over the net and other sites but also just trying to dig a little deeper in other forums to see if...
  2. I

    Root New to mobile flash/rooting

    So I am new here and I have a little trouble with my phone. Let me first start by saying I have the Huawei Ascend (yes 2 year old phone) My boyfriend flashed it a while back and it ran okay, but I noticed after he put that GoLancher on it, the phone was getting slower and it was uploading new...
  3. cubinthecity

    Root Root?

    Any word on how to root yet? Have this phone and love it. I know its not top of the line, but it works great for me and has decent battery life.
  4. Metroid Prime

    Root Ascend Q: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  5. Metroid Prime

    Huawei Ascend Q FAQ's

    1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Huawei Ascend Q Tips & Tricks? 4. What are the known problems with the Huawei Ascend Q? 5. Forum related questions. 6. What is root?/What does being rooted mean? Q: General Android phone FAQ's? A: Here is a...