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huawei fusion 2

  1. C

    cm11 memory issue

    I have a u8665 with cm11. The internal memory says its almost full but its not. How do I fix it?
  2. MeowDude

    Root CM11 4.4.4 PORT FROM U8666e

    UPDATE!!!: it boots, BUT... it bootloops. will look into the set_perm of the updater.script, those seem to be a bit... "off" Another Update!: I now use my IPhone 3GS as my primary phone, so I can freely test any roms as my F2 is still in my possession as a backup. anyway, if you have a F2...
  3. MeowDude

    Temporarily get your IMEI back, and keep it.

    To those who lost there original IMEI and didn't make/lost/couldn't make (before 5irom) there IMEI backup, i accidentally stumbled upon a way to temporarily get it back and keep it (granted after temporarily obtaining it, then following steps 8 through 15) Anyway, before the instructions, here...
  4. MeowDude


    The current most recent one from zerosedev is down, someone, please upload this to your drive or mega and provide a download link
  5. P

    Help Help with CM 10.1

    So I got this phone from my brother with wi-fi only and it really is powerful. I don't have a MicroSD and I had a few questions. This is the guide I am going to use-->(http://androidforums.com/threads/cm10-1-4-2-2-huawei-fusion-2-u8665.742013/) 1. Do I need to root before I do this? 2. Can I use...
  6. Galaxyninja66

    Root Things Our Fusion 2 just CANNOT handle

    Hers a brief list of things our trusty fusion 2 just CANNOT do without force shutting down, soft bricking it self, or simply just not working. 1) ART runtime on CM11/4.4 roms 2)Android L (heavy theming atleast) while we can (as of 6/1/15) go up to 4.4.2, android l is big, and our little (yet...
  7. Galaxyninja66

    Root CM11 problems (as of 5/31/15)

    CANT REBOOT! JUST FREEZEZ AT ATT LOGO (or in my case the huawei logo, since i used the old unbrick file) When i first got this in december of last year, the rom was snappy, new, and just great! but now, six months later its a bit sluggish and when i reboot, power off then on, etc, it cant boot...
  8. Galaxyninja66

    Thoughts on launchers.

    ive flashed cm10, cm10.1, cm9, cm11, MIUI, AOKP4.2.2, etc.. and im shocked at just how inaccurate MOST loaunchers and lock screens are. i was using cm10, and downloaded, jellybean launcher, stock 4.1.2 launcher, and holo launcher HD (based off 4.1.x) and was confused at how innacurate JB (team...
  9. Galaxyninja66

    Root Im thinking of porting CM12 (dont get hopes up)

    I'm looking for experienced devs for this phone to assist in the making of cyanogenmod 12. what I have: Raspberry Pi2 with Raspian (its possible!) Lots of time Patience experience with flashing, rooting, etc. what I don't have: a lot of experience with linux good ability to spell.
  10. MeowDude

    Help CM updates???

    I've recently installed CyanogenMod 9 the beta version ,and I checked for cm updates the other day, and it said there were like 15 nightlies available for CyanogenMod 11 on my build number it says CyanogenMod 9 u8665 and on my model number it says or my model says, fusion 2 is it safe to...
  11. MeowDude


    Hey guys, I realized that the original post was a bit out-dated so I'm gonna get it on the up and up. Here you go, enjoy, and remember I have not made any of these roms, BUT im working on testing them, and have a little rating system below in the "KEY" section and I'm not responsible if this...
  12. L

    Root AT&T Fusion 3

    Previously called the AT&T Tribute, Walmart is now calling it the Fusion 3. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Walmart-Exclusive-AT-amp-T-Tribute-Prepaid-Smartphone/39324998 Thoughts?
  13. captain77450

    Root Time to MOVE FORWARD......$39 Huawei Tribute Y536A1 Quadcore

    Well, I still have and like my Fusion but today I bought $39 Huawei Tribute Y536A1 that is available at Walmart right now. Is a QUADCORE 1.2 Ghz 4.5" Android 4.4 ROCKET compared to the Fusion!! (looks like a Fusion on steroids) Better 5MP rear and 2MP front camera WITH FLASH. 2000 mah REMOVABLE...
  14. S

    Root I'm back

    Hello all! (Especially Cam and ZeRoseDev) I have been off the forums for over a year, maybe two? I went through a very crappy breakup, parents divorce, and a whole lot of other crap (broke, no support, even homeless at points) Times have been tough for many of us. Here I am to say, "I'm...
  15. C

    Root Huawei Fusion 2 - News

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to check in and see who's still using this device. It's not my main device but I mess around with the phone here and there. Anyways, who still has the device? Also, what ROM are you using?
  16. U


    I got my s4 from america it was under the contract of AT&T my cusion send it to me from u.s.bt it was locked....so I resole it from shop..now I m using tha phone bt -I cant update my phone -I have problem with signals If one signal got low I cant send a text nor a call..call ended..and message...
  17. ZeRoseDev

    Root CyanogenMod 9 beta

    How to Install CyanogenMod 9 First here are some helpful IMPORTANT tips: 1. You need to be Rooted. Guide HERE. 2. You need to have CWM. Guide HERE. 3. You should make a backup of your current ROM. Guide HERE. 4. You MUST backup your 3G(If you've already flashed a ICS or JB ROM, this...
  18. D

    Root cyanogenmod updater wrong device detected

    I installed cyanogenmod 10.1 android 4.2.2 and when I update the phone it said my device is u8815 but my device is u8865 is their a way I can fix this.
  19. A

    Root Does any one have the download for Huawei Fusion 2 Recovery Root.zip

    I just got a Fusion 2 the other day ago as a backup phone and I have been wanting to install cyanogenmod on it. On the tutoral for the root, the download link has an error saying "This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!". If anyone could...
  20. F

    Root my fusion 2 does not connect to wep networks

    good morning my problem is this install CyanogenMod 11 all suits me wonder the only detail is that I can not connect to wireless networks wep cell recognizes and saves but does not connect them with wpa networks I have no problems will have idea of ​​what happens or any solution...
  21. M

    Root Why does my phone keep bricking?

    I've hard bricked my phone twice tonight and I'm wondering why? What makes it brick? Does it mean I need a new phone? I'm trying a clean flash right now, so hopefully that'll make the difference.
  22. C

    Fusion 2 (No Service) [T-Mobile]

    Hi everyone, I'm centerturkhd, aka the guy who brought the fusion 2 many roms (well ported). I've had the HTC One for about 4 months now and I no longer own the Huawei fusion 2, however, my dad still owns it and I still flash some roms on it. Its working fine on CM10.2. On CM11, there's a...
  23. P

    Root [ROM][CM-11.0][4.4.2] Stable KitKat ROM w/ 1,288mHz OC

    First here are some helpful IMPORTANT tips: 1. You need to be Rooted. Guide HERE. 2. You need to have the latest version of 3. You should make a backup of your current ROM. Guide HERE. 4. You MUST backup your 3G(If you've already flashed a ICS or JB ROM, this wont backup your 3G)...
  24. D

    lost imei

    Hi I lost my imei on my fusion 2 after flashing cm 10.1 on it and I have no back up I was wandering if I could rewrite or some other way and I can't put it in engineering mode any suggestions?
  25. P

    Root Unlocking Problems

    well I guess I f**ked up really well. I failed to enter the code properly three times on the fusion 2. I'm not sure what to do now. Is there any way I can try to unlock it again?