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huawei honor 6

  1. ahmdmnwr

    Samsung J100H

    Hi! Can somebody give me link where to download the firmware for J100H and is it possible for me to upgrade it to Lollipop 5.0 or Marshmallow 6.0 [emoji9] Thank You in Advance. Best regards!
  2. ahmdmnwr

    Nougat 7.0

    Does anyone has 7.0 update for Honor 6 H60-L04? Thank You! [emoji6][emoji9]
  3. Android News

    Huawei's Honor 6 is officially getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow right now

    Huawei Honor 6 users can look forward to an OTA update being pushed to your device soon. At least one user has reported the Marshmallow update being pushed to their device and the update is based on their EMUI 4.0 OEM skin
  4. A

    Location of folder of files saved under "Safe" option in Huwaei Honor 6

    There is an option of "Safe" files (perhaps encryption) in Files app of Honor 6. I am not an expert to android. My question is - in which folder these files are saved? How can I take a backup of files saved under Safe option? What happens to these files after reset?
  5. scissorkicks

    Help Honor 6 Plus (Three UK) - Wi-Fi problems / Lockscreen Widgets?

    Hey all, Doesn't seem like this excellent phone has much in the way of a userbase round here, but I thought I'd post anyway. I'm having serious problems with the phone on my home wireless network. It connects but it's incredibly slow. The other devices on the network are fine. I've tried...
  6. CrimsonToker

    Can this be activated on any American carriers?

    I get that Huawei is mostly Asian branding. So does that mean it's not supported over here? I'm wanting to get an M9 (and probably will either way) but I'm also very intrigued by the Honor 6 Plus
  7. eckles

    Accessories Huawei Honor 6 PLUS case comparison

    Hi. I've just bought an Honor 6 Plus and it was well worth spending the extra bit for the better camera and the 128Gb, 32Gb internal & micro SD support. My only problem is I have this lovely phone that I want to look after and there's no decent cases available for it yet. I bought one of those...
  8. C

    Why isn't this phone selling by the thousand?

    I'm really pleased with mine, completely fluid, really good build quality, and seriously cheap without having to risk using a dodgy Chinese site. :)