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huawei p9

  1. Android News

    Huawei P9 and several Honor devices getting EMUI 5.0 update

    Huawei has confirmed that it will update the Honor 8, Honor 6X, Honor 5C, and Huawei P9 this week with EMUI 5.0. The Honor 8 Lite will launch in China next week and will be the first phone to feature EMUI 5.0 out of the box.
  2. Android News

    More than 12 million Huawei P9/P9 Plus devices have shipped

    The success of the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus continues with the news that Huawei has shipped more than 12 million units of the two phones.
  3. Android News

    Huawei says the P9 will get its global Nougat update in Q1

    Huawei released the P9's Nougat update in China back in December and now they're getting close to a global release. The company's India division just sent out a tweet that says the update is expected before the end of March.
  4. liero87

    Can't add google account or start google play store

    Hi, I've just bought brand new P9 Lite. MY PROBLEM: I've reset the device to factory settings. Since then I'm not able to run Google Play Store (the app exits immetiatelly) or add Google Account (Settings->Accounts->Add account->Google). Symtops are the same as here: WHAT HAVE I TRIED: I...
  5. Android News

    Huawei P9 and P9 Plus shipments surpass 10 million sold

    Today Huawei announced it has shipped more than 10 million units of the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus since they first debuted in April. These are Huawei's first flagship-tier phones to break that threshold in the course of a year. The company also revealed its smartphone shipments are up 23%...
  6. A

    Option to show clock when screen is asleep

    I've just bought an Huawei p9. Working my way around the options currently. Is there a feature to show clock/date when sleep is enacted?
  7. Android News

    Huawei releases Nougat update for the P9 and Mate 8 in China

    The Android Nougat update for the Huawei Mate 8 and P9 has been released in China. Huawei announced that the software update for the devices wasn't expected to the phones until Q1 of 2017, but a rumor popped up a few days ago which said that the Chinese market would get the update before the end...
  8. Android News

    Rumor says the Huawei P9 and Mate 8 will get Android 7.0 Nougat tomorrow

    A new rumor out of China claims that both the Huawei P9 and the Huawei Mate 8 will start receiving their Android 7.0 Nougat update tomorrow. This will likely be for the Chinese market only though, and a global rollout will take longer to begin.
  9. xanderon

    Immersive mode Huawei P9

    Hello :) I own a P9 and I wanted to know ( found nothing on Google ) if there is any way to hide the software buttons ( a build in solution in the software ) or if they will integrate it in android N when it comes out for us. Thanks!
  10. Android News

    Android Nougat is coming to Huawei devices in Q1 2017

    Huawei has announced its plans to roll out the Android Nougat software update to its devices. The company will begin releasing the update in Q1 2017 for the following devices: - Huawei Mate 8 - Huawei P9 - Huawei P9 Plus - Huawei P9 Lite - Huawei Nova - Huawei Nova Plus
  11. maffews

    Apps such as EnergyBar and Notify stop working after a while

    Don't know if it's a common issue, but whenever i turn it on, it works for a bit, but then turns off and i have to manually turn it on from the app again.. For EnergyBar the service permission is turned off and i have to turn that on as well, anyone have same problem?
  12. Cazh84

    Theme issue

    The theme app automatically installed won't download any new themes, does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Android News

    Huawei sells over 9 million Huawei P9 devices

    Huawei unveiled the Huawei P9 in April of this year and at an event in September, revealed the company had sold 6 million units. At an event today, Huawei announced that the total number of units sold reached over 9 million.
  14. FlyingAde

    Help Nexus 5 owner looking at p9

    Hi Guys, I have had nexus phones since the nexus S, but due to financial situation and the fact that its just an awesome phone stuck with the nexus 5 for the last three years. I was hoping to get the next nexus but the Pixel is completely out of my budget. Narrowed my search down to a oneplus...
  15. E

    Help How to set up voice recognition

    Hi , I was hoping someone may be able to help me to set up voice recognition on my p9. I want to use it to set up my phone to call contact's etc just by speaking. Please help ;')
  16. B

    Equalizer for Spotify!?

    As we all know the p9 doesnt have an eq from scratch , but i really need one to get my JBL Charge 3 to sound as good as it should . Poweramp is a given when it comes to stored music, but I need an eq that works with Spotify! Believe me I have tried many, many apps from playstore without finding...
  17. D


    hello. i have this phone for 2 weeks now and i cant get any serious answers from support anyone can help me with " this phone is incompatible with android auto" message ? p9, emui 4.1 stock for me is a big disappointment.i will sell this device as soon as i can ..and never trust this company again
  18. AxelV93

    Start alarm app automatically

    Hey, I just bought the p9 and I'm satisfied with it. However, in my Sony xperia I had before, you could start apps automatically when for example you charge it after 22.00. I would like to have this option also on this Phone. (how) Is this possible? I guess a lot of things are possible...
  19. MeIsRey

    P9 Music Player

    Hey All Currently, my Hauwei P9 stops playing all music as soon as the phone sleeps or locks itself. As someone who likes playing music as I run / exercise this obviously isn't ideal because it means my music changes or stops without much control from me. I am using the standard music player...
  20. JaeTing

    Huawei P9, Phone Manager issue.

    Alright, first what phone manager does. It clears all unwanted cache junk created by application I use. Okay no doubt about that. However, there's 1 thing that really frustrates me. I've been using an application, or a game precisely, the game belongs to an Online Japanese game, which every...
  21. Natos89

    Instagram issue

    Hello When i use the instagram app to take photos, the photo is bigger than what show on the screen. Let's say i wanted to take a photo of a white square over a black background. I put only the white square on the app's camera screen so that no black background show in the frame, yet when i...
  22. H

    Lost Camera Icon on Hauwei p9

    Accidentally deleted camera icon on my Huawei P9. Need help on how to recover it. H.E.L.P!!!
  23. K

    Issues with Huawei contacts - please help

    Hello, I have the P9 EVA-AL10 in the US working on AT&T. I have the Chinese model and I've managed to get it mostly in English and functional. I'm having a couple issues and would love to know if anyone knows how to fix them: 1. I am able to sync my Hotmail account (added as a corporate...
  24. Android News

    Huawei has sold over 6 million P9 handsets

    Huawei managed to shift 2.6 million P9 units in the first six weeks of availability, but the Chinese company has just announced a new milestone for the handset. More than 6 million units have been sold globally, according to an official press release. The mention doesn't include the P9 Plus on...
  25. Android News

    Huawei announces new red and blue colors for the P9

    Alongside several new handsets and a new tablet, Huawei has announced two new color variants for the Huawei P9 handset that released earlier this year. The P9 is now available in red and blue and they're identical to the currently available colors, including Haze Gold, Rose Gold, Prestige Gold...