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    Help iMessage group chat post Android switch

    Been searching random forums for a while, but can't find anything definitive, so here we go.... I just made the switch (back) to Android from a 1-year stint as an iPhone user. The family had an iMessage group chat (6 iPhone users), and now I'm not receiving a good chunk of texts on Google...
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    iMessage on Android now sort of available with weMessage

    weMessage has debuted on the Google Play Store to try and create a bridge between Android and iMessage. While it still requires a Mac machine to act as a server between Apple’s servers and the user’s device, it’s still manageable as the company has instructions on how to port forward so that the...
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    Developer of Amphora, iMessage for Android, gives an update on the project

    We've had a few developers promise to get iMessage working on Android but none have shipped a final product yet. However, one just uploaded a YouTube video that apologizes for the lack of updates and says they've been busy with school, rewriting code and a few other things.
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    Google Allo vs Apple iMessage

    Android Authority's latest comparison pits Google's Allo against Apple's iMessage. They found that, although different, the messaging apps provide equally fun and pleasant messaging experiences. Still, iMessage gets the edge because it's what all iPhone users use, and it can even be used to text...
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    Due to Google's presence on iOS, is it worth buying an iPhone?

    The folks at Android Central ask whether the iPhone is a better buy due to Google's presence on iOS. Many users stick to Google's services even with an iPhone due to its simplicity, but with services such as iMessage, this may make the choice a bit more difficult.
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    Allo developer says iMessage will not have SMS if it ever comes to Android

    When Allo was released, many were hoping it would be the iMessage competitor they were hoping for. This didn't happen and now a developer on the Allo team has said that iMessage will not have SMS if it ever comes to Android.
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    Apple has created numerous detailed mockups of iMessage for Android

    A new report suggests Apple, at one point, came up with a few iterations of iMessage for Android mockups. The mockups showed different potential user interfaces for the app, including one that was identical to its iOS counterpart and one that was created with Google's Material Design in mind...
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    Developer claims to be working on an iMessage for Android app

    With people being let down from Allo not having SMS fallback, a developer says he's trying to bring iMessage to Android. The only thing they have to show off is a screenshot, but says a video is coming soon and that the app will be available spring of 2017.
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    Apple exec explains why Android didn't get iMessage

    Rumors said Apple was getting ready to announce iMessage for Android at their WWDC press conference this week. That rumor never panned out. Speaking with Walt Mossberg, a company executive says they didn't make it because they wanted it to be an enticing reason to buy an iPhone, which is what...
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    As Apple's WWDC comes to an end, there's no mention of iMessage for Android

    Toward the end of last week, a rumor stated that Apple was going to announce iMessage for Android at their upcoming WWDC event. The keynote has just ended and there wasn't any mention of iMessage being released on Android at all. Some speculate that Apple could announce it later, but that seems...
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    Rumor suggests Apple will announce iMessage for Android at WWDC

    Apple is getting ready to host their developer conference next week and there are tons of rumors and speculation about what the company will announce there. A new rumor says that Apple will actually launch iMessage on Android at WWDC next week. That, and this means both iOS and Android users...
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    PieMessage lets you use iMessage on your Android phone if you have a Mac

    A new app called PieMessage is allowing Android users to use iMessage. The app requires a Mac computer as it will use a server app on the Mac to pass messages back and forth. This isn't the first app of its kind, but many previous apps used third-party servers to transfer the data, something...