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in-app purchases

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    Will A Consumed IAP Still Appear in Purchases?

    I am in Android Studio. When I get my purchases it still shows a purchase I thought I had consumed. Here is my handlePurchases: void handlePurchases(List<Purchase> purchases) { String str; int numberOfPurchases = 0; for(Purchase purchase:purchases) {...
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    in-app purchase: skudetails always empty

    i'm integrating in-app purchase billing library in my app. Does in-app purchases work only on published apps?. My app is in pending publishing state. In coding part skuDetailsResponse always returing empty array. Billing client connection response code is 0. If it works only for published apps...
  3. Android News

    Amazon will partially reimburse parents for unauthorized in-app purchases

    Amazon has been ordered by a Federal judge to partially reimburse parents whose children made unauthorized in-app purchases while playing various games.
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    Help Clash of clans bluestack in-app purchase

    I am on blue stack trying to make an in game purchase in clash of clans and it says "Purchase unavailable! Google play store app needs to be updated" how do I update it?
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    Apps while inapp purchase using promocode developerpayload not coming

    Hi AndroidForum I am implementing inapp purchase in my app while purchasing app using promocode DeveloperPayload is not getting but while purchasing using Credit/Debit card i am able to get DeveloperPayload from google server any one can help me on this please. My Id is : <moderator...
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    Save 50 percent on certain in-app purchases via the Google Play Store

    Currently, there's a sale going on in the Play Store that will save you 50% on in-app purchases. With over 60 different titles being included, you'll be able to save money on getting those extra lives, and whatever else you need to keep your game going.