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  1. Dannydet

    Instagram musical genius

    Found this guy on Instagram and thought I'd share some of his mash ups. Some are great, hilarious and shocking!
  2. S

    urls of buttons in the instagram app

    hello i would like to ask how to copy and paste the url of the watch more button in the instagram app. thanks very much.
  3. Android News

    Instagram introduces "Focus" camera feature for blurring backgrounds

    Pop open your Instagram app and see if you've got a new camera option called "Focus"- you'll be able to use it to blur backgrounds among other updates announced by the Insta Team.
  4. Android News

    Instagram Nametags are just like Snapchat QR codes

    Here is an early look at Instagram Nametags which are basically the same as Snapchat QR codes, letting you take a picture of someone's Nametag to connect and start following them.
  5. Android News

    Instagram Reported to Soon Offer Its Own In-App Portrait Mode

    Instagram will soon launch an in-app Portrait Mode, meaning anyone with a phone who doesn’t already have a selfie mode in their camera’s software can now rely on Instagram. Apparently, this unannounced and unofficial setting has been sitting inside of the app’s code for some time, discovered...
  6. Android News

    Hidden Instagram code hints at voice and video call feature

    Instagram might be able to offer everything you need to keep in touch with friends in the future. TechCrunch has discovered hidden codes and icons for "Call" and "Video Call" in the platform's and its standalone Direct messaging app's Android APKs.
  7. Android News

    Instagram tests screenshot warnings for Stories

    Instagram is borrowing yet another feature from Snapchat and will let Stories creators know when their audience has screenshotted any part of the story.
  8. Android News

    Instagram lets you customize fonts and colors with new Type Mode

    Instagram is releasing a Type Mode for Stories that lets you write with a creative flair while skipping the pressure to use pictures. Switch to the new Type Mode section and you can write whatever you like while choosing little more than a font style and background.
  9. Android News

    Instagram introduces GIF stickers that you can add to your stories

    Instagram has introduced another new treat for everyone, in the form of new GIF stickers that can be added to your stories. It doesn't matter whether it's a photo or a video you're about to post, you'll be able to add GIF stickers courtesy of Giphy
  10. Android News

    Instagram starts showing activity status in direct messages

    Instagram is adding one new feature to its direct messages: activity status. Just like you'd see when a person was last active on WhatsApp or Telegram or plenty of other messaging services, now you can do the same on Instagram.
  11. Android News

    Instagram experiments with cross-posting stories to WhatsApp

    Some Instagram users in Brazil are seeing an experimental tool that gives them a way to crosspost Instagram Stories to WhatsApp's Status feature. A Brazilian blog has posted a screenshot of an Instagram Story showing the tool on the lower-left corner of its interface.
  12. Android News

    Instagram live videos can be sent as direct messages

    When you go live on Instagram, you can now let your friends know via direct message. You can also send live feeds you're watching directly to friends to have them join.
  13. Android News

    Instagram is testing inline comments in the feed

    Some Instagram users are starting to see a new inline comment box while scrolling through the feed, which lets them quickly write down a comment and post it.
  14. Android News

    Instagram is rolling out a new holiday season update

    There are three new festive filters to enjoy in Instagram: a frosted glass effect, holiday makeup and a gold and silver balloon overlay, complete with digital confetti. In addition, the stickers library will soon be expanded with a range of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa-themed ones
  15. Android News

    Instagram testing new Recommended For You section in feed

    Instagram is testing a new section called Recommend For You in certain users' feeds, which shows posts your friends have liked or that an algorithm thinks you will like.
  16. Android News

    Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags

    Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags like regular accounts. The feature is out of test mode and being rolled out today.
  17. Android News

    Instagram experiments with a standalone messaging app

    Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app called Direct. The test is only taking place in 6 markets at this time.
  18. Android News

    Instagram makes your Stories last forever with Archives and Highlights

    Instagram is introducing two new tools that let you hold on to your favorite moments from Instagram Stories. Stories Highlights is a new part of your profile where you can express more of who you are through stories you’ve shared. And to help you build highlights, your stories will now...
  19. Android News

    You can now import Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

    Facebook is testing a way to import your Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger, but only if they're mutual followers.
  20. Android News

    Instagram is testing a repost button and GIF searches

    Instagram has been testing a new repost feature, alongside the ability to archive stories and do GIF searches.
  21. Android News

    You can now ask to join a friend's Instagram live stream

    Instagram made it easy to invite friends to your live stream, but they're taking that one step further by allowing your mutuals to ask permission to join your stream.
  22. Android News

    Facebook testing revenge porn prevention program in Australia

    Facebook is teaming up with the Australian government in order to test a system that would prevent revenge porn from ending up on its site or services like Instagram and Messenger.
  23. Android News

    Instagram testing Pinterest-like bookmarked posts

    Instagram has begun testing the ability to view your bookmarked posts on the web.
  24. Android News

    Instagram adds support for a few right-to-left languages

    The company adds support for Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi languages on Android first.
  25. Android News

    Instagram adds Superzoom and Halloween filters

    Instagram has debuted a new update to add a Superzoom feature for getting those up-close scary shots and several new Halloween-themed filters.