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  1. AugieTN


    Trying to watch the football game and they keep changing to a sideline Vikings announcer talking to a player while the game is going on. So stupid. People want to watch the game not watch a sideline interview during game play.
  2. Android News

    Samsung's new president of mobile communications talks about his vision for smartphones

    Samsung recently replaced their mobile communications president with someone new, Dongjin Koh. Koh hasn't been on the job very long but today Samsung released a 3-minute video where he answers some questions about how he sees the future of smartphones and tablets evolving.
  3. Android News

    An interview with David Ko, the co-founder of Jide and the developers behind Remix OS

    XDA had a chance to sit down with the co-founder of Jide to talk about Remix OS and how he feels it will be the desktop OS of the future.
  4. Android News

    Liam Spradlin Interviews Android UI Engineer Kirill Grouchnikov on his Design Notes...

    Kirill Grouchnikov is a UI engineer for Google who until recently had been focused on perfecting the Google Play Store interface. Liam Spradlin had a chance to sit with him during his latest episode of the Design Notes podcast.