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  1. Windroid

    Apple Support Blames App Developers for Major Limitation in iOS

    iOS does not display vertical-only apps correctly, when using the iPad as a laptop (iPad standing horizontally, keyboard attached). This makes it impractical to use the keyboard with many apps, as it's only practical to use the keyboard when the iPad is positioned horizontally. Specifically...
  2. Android News

    Opinion: Does Google need to launch its own version of the iPad Pro?

    Android Authority's John Callaham explores the announcement of the new iPad Pro tablets and the new features of iOS 11 before asking, should Google be competing with an iPad Pro-like Android tablet?
  3. Android News

    Airplane device ban was in response to iPad bomb

    A report suggests that the recent American and British bans of large computing devices on flights from several countries was in response to intelligence which found that an iPad bomb would look to be blown up. It wasn't an actual iPad, but a device made to look like one in order to pass security...