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iphone 6s

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    Can't send or receive non-.com links between devices

    Hey there - I'm an android user (galaxy s9) whereas the rest of the household members use iCrap. An issue I'm experiencing is this: When we share hyperlinks that end in anything but .com, my android and the iCrap devices don't receive the links yet no problem with links ending in .com. I've...
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 second best-selling smartphone in the US

    An analytics firm has released sales data for the best-selling smartphone devices in the US. The iPhone 6S came in first at 11%, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 trailing closely behind at 9%. In third place is the iPhone SE at 5% of sales.
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    Galaxy Note 7 vs. iPhone 6S Drop Test

    Which smartphone is more durable, the Galaxy Note 7 or the iPhone 6S? The people at PhoneBuff have put the two the test so you don't have to.
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    Galaxy Note 7 vs Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus comparison

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has gone up against some of its competition in Phandroid's latest comparison. It includes a chart with specs to give you a quick idea of the differences between these phones and how they stack up.
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    Eric Schmidt thinks the Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than the iPhone 6S

    It's no secret that Eric Schmidt uses 2 different phones -- one Android and one iOS. His Android of choice is the Samsung Galaxy S7, and he has mentioned that he feels it's the better phone. Schmidt went into detail about his preference, noting that the Samsung Galaxy S7's superior battery life...
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    Samsung's Galaxy S7 vs Apple's iPhone 6s go head to head in a night-shot camera test

    The Associated Press has pitted Samsung's Galaxy S7 against Apple's iPhone 6s in a night-time camera competition. When the test was all said and done, it was stated that the S7 took consistently better low-light photos, and had better focus. The iPhone's pictures looked more natural compared to...
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    Watch this Xiaomi Mi 5 anti-shake camera test vs. iPhone 6S

    Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi 5 this week in China and to showcase the new phone, the company has pitted its camera module against that of the iPhone 6S to showcase which of the two phones has a better anti-shake module.