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    Hello from Italy :)
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    Samsung and Apple under investigation in Italy over planned obsolescence

    The Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) has officially opened an investigation against Apple and Samsung over reduced performance of older phones. The Apple thing isn't new, but late last year Samsung publicly stated that it doesn't slow slow phones down, so it's strange that they...
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    Uber has been banned from operating inside Italy

    After a ruling from a court in Rome, Uber now must stop promoting its ride-hailing service and cease all operations in the country within 10 days unless it's willing to pay a $10,600 fine for each day the company remains active after the grace period.
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    You can now pre-order the Galaxy S8 in select European countries

    Various third-party retailers across Europe have started to accept pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 an S8 Plus. Those in Germany can pre-order the device for €799, while Amazon Italy is offering the S8 for €829. The device is expected to release on April 28th.
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    Rumor could reveal the price of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Italy

    It was previously rumored that the S8 and S8+ would be priced at €799 and €899, but a new source claims customers in Italy will be paying €829 and €929 instead.
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    Huawei P10 Lite to go on sale April 11 for 349 Euro

    Monclick, an Italian online retailer, has revealed the price and release date for the Huawei P10 Lite. The mid-range smartphone will sell for 349 Euro and will be available on April 11.
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    Google announces the launch of the 1st Android TV device in Italy

    On the Android Twitter page, they company retweeted something from @TIM_Official that talks about Italy's first Android TV device. They're calling it an Android TV decoder that was manufactured by TIM and developed by Google.
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    Google Play adds support for carrier billing to 5 new carriers around the world

    Earlier this month we told you that the mobile carrier Idea in India just added support for Google Play carrier billing. Now we've learned that the service is available at 5 new carriers. The new additions include. . . - Austria: T-Mobile - Italy: Vodafone - Malaysia: Celcom - Switzerland...
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    Galaxy S5 users in Italy can now look forward to the Marshmallow OTA update

    Multiple people in Italy have reported that Samsung is pushing out the Marshmallow OTA update to their Galaxy S5 devices. These updates generally take time to be completed, but you can manually check to see if you are eligible by diving into the Settings of your Galaxy S5, then About Device and...
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    BlackBerry Brings the Priv to Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands

    BlackBerry has just announced the Priv is now available in more countries throughout Europe. The company tells us that customers in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands can now go to the ShopBlackBerry web store and order the device direct from the manufacturer.