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  1. K

    Hi everyone

    I am excited to join this family.
  2. Android News

    Latest update of the Join beta Chrome extension adds remote settings and information

    Join has a companion Chrome application that lets you easily send and receive content from your PC and your smartphone. The beta channel of the Chrome extension just added a feature that lets you monitor various pieces of information about your device directly from the extension.
  3. Android News

    Join developer brings voice commands to its Chrome extension

    Joao Dias, the developer behind the popular Join application (a competitor to Pushbullet) has just updated his Chrome extension to include voice commands.
  4. Android News

    Join beta released, now includes MMS support

    Join is an app that can synchronize your multiple devices so that no matter where you are, you'll get all of your notifications. It also includes universal copy/paste and now a new update has been released that includes MMS support.
  5. Android News

    Automation demo with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Join, and Tasker

    Joao Dias is known for the Join app, and his Tasker plugins. He has just uploaded a new video to give us a demonstration with what can be done when we mix Google Assistant, IFTTT, Join, and Tasker.
  6. Android News

    Latest Join update adds Xbox One notification support, with the ability to reply

    Join is an alternative to the popular push notification app Pushbullet. Join has just received an update that adds support for Xbox One notifications, along with the ability to reply to messages from the console.
  7. Android News

    Video compares the Android apps Pushbullet and Join

    Pushbullet has become a very popular application to help people send media, links and more from their PC to their smartphone and from their smartphone to their PC. Some people didn't like it when they introduced a subscription tier of service and this is where Join comes into play. DVZN Media...
  8. Android News

    Join receives an update to add end-to-end encryption

    Join, the Pushbullet alternative created by a popular Tasker plugin developer has just updated his application to include end-to-end encryption.
  9. Android News

    You Can Now Send and Receive SMS Messages from Any Browser with the Join App

    Join was released right around the time when Pushbullet announced its Pro plan and it's been a viable solution for a lot of people who are just looking for the basics of what Pushbullet did. The developer has just announced a new update that will let you send/receive SMS messages from any...