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    Knox or Android blocked files

    Hello! I'm trying to deploy enrollment on Android 9 Fully Managed without WorkPofile enrollment and apply KioskMode and system/setting user restrictions. Problem is that the installed application running in KioskMode does not have permission to create and write files in the filesystem - it is...
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    Should I suppose that KG Status CHECKING finally disappears from Download mode?

    In my Tab S6, the line in Download mode stating KG Status Prenormal was totally disappeared after I completed the Android initial setup; while I had different experience with my Tab S7: The line KG Status PRENORMAL has changed to KG Status CHECKING and remained Checking even after I've fully...
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    explain RPMB Fuse Set and FRP lock

    This picture is from my Tab S6's download screen. Do you see any clue showing that this device is not brand-new? For example anything that should be locked but not locked now or any warranty that has voided or anything other than original and normal as brand-new?
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    Help knox container removal

    i have a container installed on my phone that i didn't install how do i get it off factory reset does not remove it phone is a sm-j260a
  5. Android News

    Researchers find a way to bypass Samsung Knox on the S6 and Note 5

    Samsung brags about Knox being the best layer of security for Android, but even it gets cracked by hackers from time to time. Some researchers from the Viral Security Group have discovered a way to bypass Knox on the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5.
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    How to: Use Secure Folders with the Google Now Launcher on the Galaxy Note 7

    It seems there are some issues when trying to use Samsung's new Secure Folders while using the Google Now Launcher on the Galaxy Note 7. Due to the updated KNOX security features, when using a secure folder, users will not see any applications on their home screen or app drawer, but there is a...
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    Samsung bringing a new driving experience with the Connect Auto

    In order to bring a better, more enjoyable driving experience, Samsung will be releasing a device that plugs right into your car. The Samsung Connect Auto will give you real-time alerts to help you improve your driving behavior and increased fuel efficiency, as well as offering a Wi-Fi...