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kyocera hydro vibe

  1. P

    "All calls to voicemail" resets itself

    I've had my Hydro Vibe for about 3 years now and all of a sudden a couple of contacts I use to ignore telemarketers won't stay set for "all calls to voicemail". After a period of hours or days they suddenly lose the setting. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with restarts, closing the...
  2. tlc63

    Want emojis in messaging

    Hi I want emojis in messaging and have looked on the internet for a way to get them, but that's not helping me. Some sites say that my phone and Android version has keyboard with emojis built in and all one has to do is select it from settings;language & input...I don't have that keyboard...
  3. vfrench

    Root Stock 4.4 firmware

    Hey guys, so I'm running the hydro vibe by sprint on the jelly bean firmware, I got this phone through one of those government phone plan websites , Qlink wireless to be exact, aaand I haven't received the ota , and after repeated attempts to try and force the ota or look online for a copy of...
  4. S

    Kyocera issue

    My Kyocera has a message that says remove your hand or something off of device and it won't turn off.
  5. K

    Help Does anyone with root still have stock apps?

    Hello fellow vibe users! Here is my predicament: when I first rooted I uninstalled some stock apps and moved the apk's to my computer. Then my computer went kaput. I also tried to fix the Google play bug using the fix posted here, following to a t, but it did not work. I then chatted online...
  6. Delbert Concha

    Stock Rom

    I am in need of the Kyocera Hydro Vibe stock firmare, preferrably version 4.4.2. This is due to the fact that I had rooted my phone and deleted some of the stock apps, not aware that there were multiple files are within these apps , and that has caused apps to "unfortunately stop". These apps...
  7. DennzR4579

    Help Sim card fried

    Is it possible that a CRICKET KYOCERA HYDRO SIM CARD get fried or burnt?
  8. B

    Root trying to root my kyocera hydro vibe thru virgin mobile

    OK, I've been looking and still haven't found any app that can root my phone. Does anyone know of a rooting method that will work? Ive been looking for apps and tried quite a few of them but haven't accomplished it yet.
  9. A

    Root Is there Cyanogenmod for Kyocera Hydro Vibe?

    I cannot find it on the CM webpage or in the unofficial port page. Does someone know where I can find a port or can someone make one please? Thank you!
  10. A

    Can someone make a port for cyanogenmod

    Hi I'm looking for an official or unofficial port for CM for Kyocera Hydro Vibe. I cannot find one on the CM webpage so someone may have to make one?
  11. W

    Anyway to fix a boot loop?

    The phone decided it was going to do a forced update so when it rebooted to update it all it did was just keep looping and vibrating. If there is some way to fix the boot loop I would really appreciate the info on how to do it. Thank you.
  12. D

    Google Play Services/Google Apps Crash Fix

    Update: You can now register to be a part of Kyocera's test group for the official patch. Register on Twitter Tweet to @KyoceraMobile "@KyoceraMobile I would like to be a part of the Kyocera Hydro Vibe/Icon fix test group" should work Kyocera should respond and follow your account which will...
  13. S

    Help Phone saying storage is filled with pics + vids

    my phone keeps saying my phone storage is filled with pictures and videos, and i deleted all of them, and it hasn't changed a thing? i cant download any pictures/take any now :/
  14. L

    Help Google Play Services not Working :(

    This week has been horrible for my phone. Actually, my wife and I are suffering from the same issue with our Hydro Vibes. For some odd reason, Google Play services has decided that it will simply not cooperate. For instance, I can open Inbox, Hangouts, Calendar, Play Games, Play books, Photos...
  15. Rahagi

    Root Supersu Tutorial by Rahagi (Kingroot to Supersu) 4.4.2 kk

    I know posted the video on Youtube on how to install Supersu and thanks to wOlfdroid's borrowed script but needed re-tweaking! (Also make sure USB DEBUGGING IS ON) Link Run into any problems respond and I take no responsibility for what you mess up in terminal so be careful and know what...
  16. S

    Lockscreen weirdness

    My gf just got the Hydro Vibe and I got it all set up for her but noticed that the lockscreen slider has a look now of (vibrating) like it has an electric effect instead of just just a plain circle. This happened inside of a day. I did update Kyocera software as well as prl and profile, also...
  17. C

    Root I have messed up

    This is entirely my fault, so if you can't help I completely understand. Absolute idiocy on my part. I rooted my vibe tonight finally after years of trying. Immediately I installed titanium backup, backed up my system app, and started ripping it apart. I was very happy with where I was at. I...
  18. D


    HELP!!! ROOTED USING KINGOROOT. it asked to update the su binary rebooted and is flashing the recovery screen over and over cant do anything please please please help!!!!! if i could get into recovery even it would be a improvement! please help!!! i can do nothint but watch the stupid...
  19. S

    Phone Shuts Off When Infrastructure WiFi Tether

    Hello, I have been trying to WiFi tether this phone to devices that don't support ad hoc sharing. I can successfully share WiFi to my laptop using ad hoc sharing. However whenever I use infrastructure mode, it doesn't matter which app, my phone will just reset. I am rooted with KitKat, but I had...
  20. B

    Root KitKat firmware copy, please?

    Hello again community. In my previous post, I detailed how I bootlooped my C6725... I looked for a way to adress this, and I found out that I could flash a clean copy of the firmware via fastboot. However, I don't have such copy, and I think you can help me with that. Just make a backup of your...
  21. B

    Root Fastboot mode?

    Hello community! I'm in a hell of a jam here, my Hydro Vibe is in a Bootloop, I had the JB Rom and saw that root with KitKat was already available, so I went to my SuperSU app and made a Full Unroot, and right after that I started downloading the update package, but by the time it was ready, the...
  22. Rock101


    $59.99 at VM!
  23. Vernalex

    Root Root for Kyocera Hydro Vibe 4.4.2

    After trying all of the KitKat roots out there I finally found a root for the Kyocera Hydro Vibe (KYC6725) running KitKat 4.4.2 (at this time the latest version for the phone). I personally am using it on Virgin Mobile, but I assume it would work on Sprint as well. In any event the root is...
  24. I

    Help Anyone having GPS issues?

    Hey all, anyone else been having GPS locaion issues with the Hydro Vibe on VM lately? I've got 3 of these phones in my family and all of us are having this issue... used the GPS Toolbox and couple other apps, nothing is helping. GPS just randomly drops on all of them for no reason. Very...
  25. xclusive36

    Root [TIPS] Recovery Mode

    To boot into recovery: Turn phone off Press and hold the "Power" and "Volume down" buttons simultaneously After the phone vibrates, release the "Power" button Use "Volume down" & "Volume up" buttons to navigate Press "Power" to select