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kyocera hydro

  1. Galaga xD

    Kyocera Hydro Reach Wont go Into Recovery Mode

    I have a Kyocera Hydro Reach that Wont go Into Recovery Mode. I Hold both the Volume Down and Power Button, It goes to Kyocera when you first turn it on with the "Powered by Andriod" on the bottom. It displays it for about 5 Seconds and restarts while I am holding the Vol Down and Power. When it...
  2. German Montes

    Hydro Air Bricked?

    Hello, how I can repair my cell phone if bricked.- Hydro Air AT&T
  3. W

    Hydro Wave won't connect or hangup

    MetroPCS, Hydro Wave. Sometimes I can't hangup. Proximity sensor is functional. Wifi calling is off. Power button ends call is on. Other times, I cannot make calls. I can dial, and it will ring. When the other end picks up, I hear the call hangup sound, you know that *beep* noise when a call...
  4. Sora655

    Help Install Apps directly to SD Card

    Uh, hi. I'm having trouble installing apps directly to SD card. I have a Kyocera Hydro Wave, and when I try looking up guides, none of them work.
  5. bfldworker

    Kyocera Hydro Wave 64-Bit OS?

    Just a simple question. Does the Hydro Wave run a 64-bit version of android? It has a Snapdragon 410 which is 64-bit. So it would make sense.
  6. tec68

    Sim Card is Perso - locked?

    I just bought this Kyocera Hydro via a private party, and was told that all I needed was a sim card and that I could use it with a straight talk plan. I bought the straight talk package and so far none of the cards seem to work, all I get is that it is "Perso-locked". How do I unlock it? I...
  7. J

    Help Uninstalled download manager app, need help

    Hi there! A couple days ago i fixed the google play services problem in my device (kyocera hydro life), for that I rooted my phone, excited for that i uninstalled a lot of crappy bootware, dumbass me, that included the download manager app of the system, now i can't download a thing, not even a...
  8. Rebecca562

    Help SD card issues

    I have a Kyocera phone with boost. Last night for no apparent reason I could no longer access certain apps and all of my photos just disappeared. When I checked on SD card it says I need to mount it though one is already there. How do I recover my data and photos?
  9. M

    Help unfortunately (this app) has stopped working. help?

    I have a Kyocera hydro icon 4.4.2, I rooted the phone and deleted some apps with titanium backup which I thought would be safe to remove, ever since, I haven't been able to open any google apps and keep getting the error or the play store doesn't open at all. I've tried clearing data, factory...
  10. A

    Kyocera Hydro Air

    Hello everyone! There isn't a discussion that I could find for the Air, so I will post here in hopes of getting some help. I am working on my boss' phone and he is wanting the dashboard to show up rather than the camera or the dialer when he swipes the device. He is also wanting to directly...
  11. Z

    Help Cant connect to 4G LTE on Icon

    After rooting with kingroot i unrooted then did a factory reset. Phone worked fine until i used a program named elixer 2. After using the network settings i cant connect to the LTE using my hydro. I really need help. I think it wiped my carrier settings or something. I have tried everything I...
  12. Z

    Root icon wont connect to 4G lte

    After rooting with kingroot i unrooted then did a factory reset. Phone worked fine until i used a program named elixer 2. After using the network settings i cant connect to the LTE using my hydro. I really need help
  13. U

    Help How do you format SD card?

    So I have been trying to format my SD card but every time I do nothing happens. Even when I erase picture or music and in about an hour or two everything I erased comes back like if I didnt do anything. Is there a way to erase everything on my SD card?
  14. 20GT

    Help folders on home page?

    hi kyocera C6630N Every time i send a app to the home page it places it in a folder? why is it doing this and how can i stop it? did anyone else have this problem?
  15. U

    Help how do you install an sd card?musician's

    So I just bought my Kyocera hydro and I'm using my old 8gb SD card from my old phone and it has a lot of music and pictures but when I put my SD card it says I have nothing on it but when I go to storage it says that the SD card has 4gb used up. How do I install it so I can see all my pictures...
  16. 1

    Root now rooted, which apps should / can I remove?

    ok, So I successfully rooted my boost kyocera hydro.. I am using it as a wifi only device that will be used in the car as a navigator and to keep an eye on engine function. so that being said, all i want to keep is the browser, google play, bluetooth, and wifi. everything else I would like...
  17. J

    Root Bootloop after firmware update

    I have a kyocera hydro c6730. It is rooted and some of the apps are removed. After doing a firmware update, it failed and never boot up again. Go to recovery and clear the data and cache but not work. Is there a third party recovery that can update the rom? Or is there any way that can save the...
  18. Daniel Uribe

    Help I keep setting personal ringtones but no matter what it rings with the default

    It's not even after I turn off my phone and then turn it back on, it's right after I set it. How do I fix this?
  19. J

    Kyocera Hydro lifr

    I need stock camera apk can someone upload that?
  20. chris justice

    Help Force install to internal memory

    I have a very cheap kyocera hydro phone. My phone is telling me I have 1gb on my external sd and 4gb on my internal. When I try to install a large app(2gb) my phone tells me I don't have sufficient memory on my external card. I tried to use ADB to force install to internal with no luck. This is...
  21. J

    Help Hydro 4.0.4 can not install any app

    Suddenly there is "unfortunately settings stop" message each time it is rebooted. And can not open play store. Can not install any app either from market nor locally. So I factory reset it. Tried both through Setting and use the buttons. Neither one fixes the problem. "Setting stop working"...
  22. A

    Accessories Hydro Icon replacement batterys

    I can't seem to find a replacement battery for sale anywhere online for the Hydro Icon, even the Kyocera website doesnt appear to have one. Am I not looking for the right battery or is there another one I can use? Anyone have this issue?
  23. I

    Root How do you disable firmware upgrade?

    I just got my Hydro Vibe and rooted it. Is is a way to disable firmware upgrade so I will not brick the brand new phone? It's like already downloading the new firmware when I was rooting it. I canceled it and finished rooting process.
  24. M

    grand theft auto 3

    How can I download gta for my kyocera hydro and make sure it runs smoothly
  25. F

    firmware update

    Wife had a message about a firmware update on 10-23-14. I check regularly, so I don't think it was a overlooked update. Anyone else get? What is it? Did it help performance? (Don't really think there is any help for performance)