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lg connect 4g

  1. S

    Google photos syncing-uploading files already uploaded?

    I recently had to reinstall android on the phone. When I signed in again to google photos, all the pictures are being sent to my same account again.
  2. S

    Play Store will not load?

    I just had to reinstall from a cab file. So am setting up the phone. Things seem slow. Ideas?
  3. S

    LGVS840 security error

    Ok, I must have unwittingly made an error using a kingroot app as now the phone after a rebbot gives a securtiy error. I tried using LG support tool and clicking recover phone about 6 times. It downloads 670mb to the PC, but then when uploading to phone it just quits displaying...
  4. M

    Root where can i get this rom for my lg connect metropcs phone?

    Hi can someone post a download link for this rom for my lg connect metropcsphone? http://androidforums.com/threads/rom-alpha-cyanogenmod-10-for-the-lg-connect-4g-ms840.696376/ The link does not work and i cannot find it on the web anywhere. Thanks for any good replies.
  5. S

    Help I have an LG Lucid 2 that I want to switch to Straight Talk

    When I switched the sim card out talk and text works but data doesn't can anyone tell me how to remedy this problem
  6. D

    Root Can someone help me out?

    Ok so ive asked before, but no ones responded or tried helping.. so i just wanna root my phone, but i guess i can't because its on vv6... can someone send me the tools i need? most links on here are dead so i cant do anything unless someone helps me out... thanks!
  7. D

    Root Help with downgrading vv6 to vv3

    Ok so i wanna downgrade my phone since i cant root mine since its on vv6. I tried to do it without asking anyone but most links are dead and i cant do anything. so if anyone still has any files that can help me out, id really appreciate it if you could upload it and post it here or send me the...
  8. D

    Root Anyone have vv3 files?

    so im back on this phone until i get my replacement zte zmax... so im trying to root this phone again but im on vv6 now... can someone help me downgrade and root it? most links are dead so i cant really do much unless someone helps me thanks :b
  9. G

    Help 25 LG Lucids need a bit of life support with Jellybean. Please help.

    I have followed some pretty decent guides on how to bring the LG Lucid up to Jellybean and for the most part I got it to work by following threads in this forum. Thank you for posting that information. Here is my dilemma. I have about 25+ LG Lucids that are still perfectly good phones...
  10. nosferatusinf

    Help LG C800

    hola necesito ayuda, root mi teléfono y cuando instale supersu me reinicio el teléfono y ahora me sale esto:
  11. S

    reset lg lucid can't get past setup screen

    I have a new phone and wanted to play around with the Lucid. Did the factory reset and can only see the setup screen. Is there a way around the setup? I'd like to try installing another ROM. Its a Verizon phone.
  12. D

    Help LG Lucid 1 Android Update

    What is the highest update you can get for the 1st LG Lucid. It is currently running Ice Cream Sandwich.
  13. ElectricDevil

    Root LG Ms840 stuck help

    hey hows it going guys happy new year by the way i have a metro pcs LGms840 (LG connect) that seems to be stuck in a boot loop (only shows lg logo then loops) it's rooted but the rom on it is stock and theres no custom recovery or backup i can only seem to get into download mode can anybody help...
  14. andriodadmirer

    Root lg connect cm10 fully working ***********

  15. H

    Help What programs can I use to scan my android for viruses from my computer?

    I am not sure what is wrong with my phone but I suspect a virus, I can not access my google play store and apps on my sd card from my phone (there is one app that I can see from my phone because it is on my phone's memory but when I try to open it, it says "can not start google services try...
  16. C

    Root Pen Testing with MS840?

    Hey Everyone, So I recently just found my old MS840 phone lying around in a drawer in my kitchen and I immediately had to boot it up and see what it was running. Long story short I upgraded it to CM10 thanks to PlayfulGod. I haven't played around with android in years, since maybe gingerbread...
  17. elk1007

    Help Power Button bugging out

    I have an LG Lucid. Recently I noticed the power button to be less responsive, and now you have to jam it and jiggle to register a push at all. Since that has happened, the screen seems to work sometimes or not at all. Sometimes the screen will freeze and the soft buttons ill light up. I...
  18. S

    Help help with screensaver/clock

    The other night when the phone was plugged in to charge overnight.....I noticed there was a light grey screen (like a nitelite) with the time displayed on that screen. The problem is I do not know what caused that screen or how I could have that screen appear every night when the phone is...
  19. J

    Root Cwm touch

    Can anyone give me a link to the clock work mod recovery instalation thing please and thank you:)
  20. W

    Help Can't view YouTube vids anymore Verizon said get a SD Card

    Unable to view YouTube anymore with YouTube App (v.5.7.41). I get the endless circle. Videos that I watched a year ago are still on the phone (and I can watch them) But I can't watch/download and new videos. Verizon store tech support resolved by giving me a 8GB Micro SD card. (which I did not...
  21. felixjohan

    [REQUEST] ICS aboot.img

    Someone runing stock ics please pull your aboot.img (bootloader) and upload it.
  22. felixjohan

    New status bar

    I was playing with my lucid on stock zv9 ICS in the build.prop and I deleted VZW in the lines: ro.build.target_operator= . I rebooted my phone and the status bar changed. Now looks like an international LG lol.
  23. jlede

    Root Got Bored Now I Need Help

    so i decided to flash cm10 today because i was bored (yes i know its hard to get bored with a Nexus 5) and it didnt boot it loads the CM boot logo and freezes i have nothing on my sdcard or phone like it was the cleanest install ever i think my processer degraded and 1.5GHz is to high is there a...
  24. L

    Root LG Lucid Verizon, Stock Gingerbread?

    friends want to do to root my LG Lucid with gingerbread stock v5 and as I have not managed to do so with any method, enable debugging, install the drivers. everything but when running the bat file I get error "read-only system" "permission denied" need root to install CM10 friends. PS: I'm...
  25. F

    Help Lg optimus exceed prepaid verizon.root

    I need to root this phon . ANybody know how to do this. The reasonIm trying to root this phone is because Im using plantronics wired headset while driving and the volume is low. Can barely hear the caller. On my last phone it was crystal clear and good volume. SO it has to be a setting on the...