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lg k7

  1. ChibiWolf

    System Data Consumption

    Has anyone else had this issue and have a solution to fix it? The "Android system" is consuming all of my data rather than any other apps. Data as in service data.
  2. xTrbl

    Stuck at "Checking Connection"

    I recently rooted then later unrooted my K7, after the unroot I noticed my phone wouldn't connect to any Google apps (YouTube, Play Store, etc.). I knew it was because the root changed the hosts file causing the connection issues (had the problem before but resolved it) but, I was going out of...
  3. redlegchevy

    K7 with Google Cardboard.

    I recently bought my son a set of VR goggles. Unfortunately I have discovered that the LG K7 is not supported by Google Cardboard. I have found several other apps in the appstore, but so far they seem to need to have Cardboard installed already. Any help on knowledge of an app that is...
  4. Shamal Jollins

    Metro pcs android update error?

    Android lg k7. I received an update to restart&lnstall. I proceeded to do so. After the lg screen it began updating and then it stopped and said "error" i had to take the battery out to exit out the screen put back in the battery and restart my phone. After that it still did not update. I want...
  5. EvieDash9

    Back Buttons Not Working

    Hello, recently I've noticed that the buttons on my LG K7 don't work all that well (no duh). The volume down works fine, the power button works if I press it in a certain spot, and the volume up only works in a very specific spot I haven't been able to pinpoint. (I have to mash my finger all...
  6. M3rcury

    Help Phone keeps changing volume; playing a silent song called, "dad" by artist "0"

    My wife and I just recently got K7s from our local MetroPCS store. Had them less than 2 months. Mine is fine but she started using the METROblocker app that comes preloaded onto the phone, it blocked a "scammer" number and now it keeps changing the volune up and down and playing a song with no...
  7. K

    Help Miscellaneous storage full

    My miscellaneous storage is full. What would happen if I deleted yahoo and com.facebook.orca?
  8. Joraanaj


    Hey All Anyone updated to Marshmallow yet in Rooted(King Root) phone? Cheers!!! ªJ "The future's uncertain, and the end is always near."
  9. nasstyrome

    Root MS33010G UPDATE.ZIP

    This is for those that have modified or have debloated their /system partitions, or Titanium Backup's "integrate update into ROM option" and cannot install the update.zip via the OTA notification or FOTA menu OR for users that currently have BRICKED devices. If you want to update these are the...
  10. NewCode33


    So I've been messing around with custom boot animation and I just realized there is no start up sound with the stock boot animation on the K7 with Metro PCS. Is there no way to add audio to the boot animation when the phone starts up? I've been in the /system/media AND the...
  11. czarsup3rstar

    Root Twrp Beta for LG K7 aka M1 (closed)

  12. SuperChargers01

    Help no command error

    Hello. I have an LG K7, have tried all methods of bringing up the menu yet nothing works. I am currently looking at the "No Command." Screen. Please help.
  13. czarsup3rstar

    Root Twrp for LG K7(M1) from source

    TWRP FOR K7 AKA M1 https://twrp.me/devices/lgk7.html THIS IS FOR THE METRO PCS AND T-MOBILE VARIANTS Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do to your device. All I can do is try to assist you with whatever issues that you may have due to the flashing of T.W.R.P Recovery. Enjoy. ( As...
  14. nasstyrome

    Root Init.d Support

    Apps Required: Rom Toolbox Link2SD ADB (recommended) Terminal (optional) Download this file. https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23125694133305845 Place on the ROOT of your SD card (Internal) crack open ADB or terminal app. ADB instructions USB Debugging: ON 1)type "adb shell" (Terminal...
  15. czarsup3rstar

    Root Twrp LG K7

    Moved. Anyone can help fix this Twrp. I just didnt want a wiped system entering recovery and the LG L70 has the same yes/yes settings so i dont see what the problem you are talking about but i can backup and restore properly and that is what i love. Make it better. I will not be upset...
  16. nasstyrome

    Root [FIX] Titanium Backup 7+

    In order to backup to SD card on Android 5.1.1 We must open Titanium Backup's preferences and change a few options. Create "TitaniumBackup" at the root of your external SD Card, or copy the folder from your Internal Storage to your external SD card if it already exists. + Click Menu at the Top...
  17. nasstyrome

    Root [XPOSED] Pokemon Go (Outdated 09.14.16)

    [OUTDATED AS OF 09/14/2016] tip: look into SYSTEMLESS XPOSED for this. The modules i use to make Pokemon Go work under spoofed GPS, and to enable an onscreen joystick to move the player around are as followed. "XposedPokemon" - needed to control the player within the app. (required)...
  18. nasstyrome

    Root Xposed Framework Install Tutorial.

    Welcome to the tutorial to Install XPOSED framework. This is NOT a support forum for xposed framework or modules. This guide thread is merely to be used to install xposed framework. Anything you do with xposed framework has potential to BRICK YOUR DEVICE. This device relies heavily on LG...
  19. D

    Root Any non-pc methods besides kingroot?

    I was able to root my phone with kingroot, the thing is I'll get a pop-up ad here and there, which is annoying. So, is there any easy root methods besides kingroot that i can use?
  20. SebasHacks


    All credit to @REPAIRSHOPUSA for this unbrick method! (Their TUT here: http://www.repairshopusa.com/phone/lg-k7-k330-unbrick-method/) Before reading ahead into the tutorial, please take the time to read the text in asterisks. ***With the bricked LG K330, I noticed (for me at least) when I try...
  21. nasstyrome

    Root LG K7: All Things Root

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have any...
  22. bustone747


    i have twrp installed and a back up! i bootlooped just on some crazy "what if i ?" because i have a previosly bricked k7. i thought i was good cause i gotworking twrp. right? WRONG. THE USUAL BUTTON COMBO GOES TO THE HARD RESET MENU BUT SO DID MY STYLO! SO I HIT YES LIKE WITH MY STYLO TO BOOT...
  23. R

    Bricked k7 help!

    I have a tmobile LG k7, stuck on logo, I can get to download mode, but I'm need a stock firmware to flash (10f ), nowhere to be found, looked everywhere. Probably someone who can extract it from a working k7. Will help a lot of people in my situation. Thank you!
  24. F

    Root Lg k7 preloaded system apps help please

    Hello everyone i got my lg k7 ms330 last week i rooted 100% but sadly i happened to delete some of my preloaded system apps like my LGWifi app and LGMessenger app and ect so can anyone help. I can instruct you to find the files and make the zip folder
  25. Android News

    India gets LG K7 and K10

    India is getting 2 new affordable phones from LG. The LG K7 and K10 will launch in the region. You'll only need $200 or less to pick up these entry-level Android phones.