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lg l90

  1. C

    Help proper uninstall of system apps? leftover folders and files.

    i uninstalled some system apps, and it looks like junk folders are left over. for example, i removed youtube, and there's still an odex file in /system/app/youtube/arm/ are these folders and odex files safe to delete? they're hogging space
  2. C

    use sd card as internal memory with dataonSD

    http://androidforums.com/threads/make-sd-card-as-internal-memory.887942/ Dang, the L90 forum is dead. I just wanted to say that this hack for the LG F6 and L70 works 99% for the L90 too, on stock lollipop rom. Just follow those instructions. Everything seems to work fine. The only small...
  3. Android News

    TWRP comes to Redmi Note 3, LG L90, and more

    TWRP is now available for a small handful of new phones. The MediaTek-powered Redmi Note 3, the LG L90, and the General Mobile 5 Plus are all seeing support today. TWRP is a third-party touch-based custom recovery that makes it easy to backup firmware and install custom ROMs.
  4. T

    QuickMemo Location Request

    LG L90 Android 5.0.2 QuickMemo+ and WiFi buddy intermittently requesting my location. Location always off. They show the request and also High Battery Use. I wonder if someone has hacked phone and is attempting back door to find out my location. Anyone else with this problem? I know I will...
  5. Eddy loko

    CyanogenMod 13.0 For LG L90 D41510c T-mobile

    THIS ROM IS STABLE IN MY OPINION. What's working? ( Everything ) Besides the browser sometimes gets connection errors. Easily fix with Google Chrome Browse. I don't have service so I don't know if the service works, Calls etc.. I am only sharing this. ......All credit goes to the...
  6. Eddy loko

    AOKP FOR LG OPTIMUS L90 D41510C T-MobileT-Mobile

    This is how to install AOKP On Lg Optimus L90 D415 You need to be rooted with a custom recovery AOKP ROM Open Gapps 6.0 Boot into recovery Wipe dalvik cache Wipe cache Wipe system Wipe Data Next Install/ AOKP ROM Install/Gapps DOWNLOADS: ROM...
  7. B

    Help screen brightness will not adjust

    So, I was working on a large machine and dropped my phone into about 2 inches of oil and it saturated in the oil for about half an hour while I tried to fish past a motor to reach it. I ended up cracking the screen upon retrieval and damaged the display in doing so, so I had to take apart the...
  8. C

    Help Google Play Services not Working :(

    hi my name is carlos and i have an LG optimus L90. Ive been getting pop ups of "unfortunately, google play services has stopped" and i tryed reseting my phone and it still pops up... now i cant access my home page on my phone. im stuck on the customization of the phone (when you reset your...
  9. M

    Root Desperate Situation

    I have an LG Optimus L90 (D415). It had the stock Lollipop build, but then I became ambitious. I flashed TWRP, and then created a backup. My end goal was to get Cyanogenmod, but when I tried to do that, I failed miserably. When I tried to restore, it did not work. It fails abruptly in the middle...
  10. S

    Root Believed to Be lg L90 D405 D410

    i to all guys, I would like to draw your attention to what happened to me, and possibly know how to restore. I am owner of a lg l90 model d405n, wanting to unlock the bootloader I used an application that I would have to just unlock the bootloader and install a modified recovery. Actually 'cell...
  11. J

    Root HELP L90 WITH ROOT NOT WORKING (Black screen problem)

    I have a lg l90 and i just got lollipop. I after got root for it with the one click rook for lg. At first when i turned in my phone it said android updating which is weird because i was fully updated but i still got to my home page. i was using my phone for about 5 minutes and then the screen...
  12. Y


    I have an LG Optimus L90 D415. When i bought, came with kitkat and later updated to lollipop. First i rooted the phone. I made a backup of my recovery using flashify first, then i downloaded twrp successfully. I then gathered all my materials to flash a custom rom (the rom itself and google...
  13. R

    Root Lg L90 How To Go Back To KitKat 4.4. From Android 5.0 Lollipop

    We have two LG L90 phones i left mine on KitKat 4.4.2, she upgraded to 5.0 Lollipop. There are a few problems with this version. Can I 1) find a boot rom and information how to do it or 2) try to backup my device and then flash hers. We are in the UK. Thanks
  14. D

    T-mobile 2G, 3G, 4G

    Newbie here, how can I tell if my T-mobile is on 2G, 3G or 4G network?
  15. fenisha

    Root Lg D415 Simple root method???

    I have the lg d415 from T-Mobile and I was curious if there's an easy root method I can do straight from my phone...WITHOUT a PC. Thank you
  16. SantitasHeart

    Root Does anyone Dev for this device ?

    I just came from optimus f6 got this phone for free from a friend but it seems it has no development community at all ... Its not a terrible phone quad core is good with a good Dev behind it this phone could be great ... Am I missing something ... Why or better question where are the devs for...
  17. Thijzzemans

    No speaker after install

    I installed the newest update for android and now i don't have any speaker sound. I do get sound when i make a phonecall over the loudspeaker mode but not the speaker. I can't believe an update would change that in my phone. There's no option to turn on or off the speaker so i don't know what to do.
  18. SantitasHeart

    Root Downgrade help

    Im in desperate need of help i read over loopy guide but for the life of me don't understand what he is talking about please can someone elaborate on his method i download everything he says but shttp ?....windows enabler i dunno what he is talking bout please help
  19. CaseyRockStar

    Great News for T-Mobile

    Howdy, I just moved from the LG F6 to LG L90 (always MetroPCS) I'm in Seattle and have a family member and close friend who're T-Mobile employees... so I was SOOOO happy when T-Mobile passed Sprint in February ... happy enough to write it up for the F6 forum. I'm still happy, so this is how...
  20. LoopyD


    D415 specific. By me. Demo of projectm. Hehe. It's done on the new NIGHTLY cm11 + cm11_patch3.zip. :3
  21. A

    Help LG L90 - Error after Android Lollipop 5.0 update

    Hi, I am using LG-L90 (Android Kitkat 4.4.2) for around 7 months. Recently LGE (Indonesia) officially released OS updgrade to Android Lollipop 5.0.2, and upgraded the same. All my apps are working fine, (except few of the apps, which I had uninstalled and re-installed again). But now, I am...
  22. X

    L90 getting lollipop

    saw online you guys getting lollipop, india first, but hopefully all over soon.!
  23. viola je najjjj

    Help lg l90 d415 cm12 lollipop issue

    soo guys i need your help if someone can help me with this issue:when i go to my camera app(stock camer app) and when i pres for recording it starts to record but when im in the gallery i cant find the video i took,but if there is a video i will be unable to open it.... sorry for my english
  24. C

    haptic feedback on menu and back keys?

    hey all just bought the lg l90 and there's absolutely no haptic feedback on the back and menu keys, was wondering if maybe this is normal for anyone else wit this phone? Ive checked all the settings so the power saver is off, and the key touch feedback is enabled.
  25. C

    Root does lollipop improve standby battery time?

    Does lollipop have better battery management than stock LG rom ? The L90 has awful standby battery time compared to my F6. The only big difference is the L90 is quad core and the F6 is dual core, but that battery use difference is huge even though both phones have the same battery size. My F6...