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lg optimus f3

  1. S

    Root Choosing TWRP Version

    I have an LG Optimus F3 LS720 from FreedomPop, which came with TWRP installed. Can I use any later versions of TWRP? If so, which would be the best choice?
  2. rootabaga

    It's Been Fun

    Hey, folks. My formerly-trusty F3 gave up the ghost recently after acting up for a short while. Best Buy had a clearance deal on the Moto G 3rd gen ($50) so I bailed on LG as well. I'll still be on the forum, but not really in here. ;) Best of luck to you all.
  3. H

    Help Moving apps to sd card

    Hello. I have a LG optimjs F3 from sprint (LS720) and its plan is currently canceled. It only has about 1.2 gigabytes of room. I would like to move my apps to my SD card, but I don't really have access to a computer. Can someone please give me a easy to follow step by step procedure on how to...
  4. H

    Marshmallow rom?

    Hello. I have a lg optimus f3 from sprint(LS720). My plan has been canceled for a while. I worked on downloading marshmallow ROM. I have everything set. I am using flashify and CWM and my device is rooted. I have found multiple sites that offer the download if I complete the survey. I used...
  5. VirgilX00

    Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has Stopped

    This is a technical question I have with my LG Optimus F3. I have an unusual problem with my phone. A couple of days ago, an error message took over the screen reading, "Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has stopped," and no matter how many times I press "OK," it will continue to reappear. I have...
  6. rootabaga

    Sudden charging/capacity problems

    Hi, folks. Didn't see much about this anywhere. My F3 is not quite two years old. Battery was fairly low last night, put it on to charge as usual, grabbed it on the way out the door this morning. Looked at it on the train and it was half discharged, so I was thinking maybe I didn't actually...
  7. S

    LG Optimus Dynamic won't connect to the internet...

    Not sure I'm in the right place, but here goes. I can't connect to the internet, messages are coming up, "Web page not available", then "No network connection". I had this problem a year ago and went on live chat and fixed the problem by going to Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Network...
  8. Arthur Carrenho

    [How-to} Free 150MB of RAM {+Bonus]

    No root, works on stock and probably any version 1º Go to Dialer 2º Put the code 3845#*{MODEL}# (Replace model with 655 for VIVO || 659 for T-Mobile and MetroPCS || 720 for Sprint) 3° MLT>Disable 4° Reboot BONUS: In hidden menu (After putting the code) You can use the HDMI Cable Test (!!!) and...
  9. P

    I have 3 Lg F3 spares, I want to expirment and put a new OS on

    How can I stably put another OS on my phone? are there any limitations? I have the gsm version of the f3, the one that needs a sim card to work.
  10. Arthur Carrenho

    Root Solution for low internal memory

    Your warranty is now void I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Requirements...
  11. D

    My LG-P659 does not exit DOWNLOAD MODE

    This is the situation, i followed a turtorial on this forum to upgrade my phone (http://androidforums.com/threads/metropcs-t-mobile-guide-unbrick-or-unroot-lg-optimus-f3-kdz.812528/). this ended with an error code of 64 which said it couldnt get the upgrade done. after this, i tried to put on my...
  12. jlumby

    Root Can't Get Tethering to Work??

    Hi, I have a Optimus F3 from Freedompop (LS720V8). I rooted with Stump Root via brute force. Root checker says it is rooted. I installed WiFi Tether and followed the Wiki in this post. Nothing works to get the SSID broadcasting from WiFi Tether. Can anyone help here?
  13. Arthur Carrenho

    Root Is possible compile AOSP for this phone?

    The device is 4.1, and i want to know if is possible compile AOSP (5.0) to F3, P655
  14. B

    LG Flash Tool and Issues

    I posted this in the root section on accident so I'm reposting here. I'll try to make the long story short. Keep in mind the phone is not rooted or hacked in any way and nothing has changed since I went to bed the night before. I woke up yesterday morning to my Optimus(vm720) saying every app...
  15. B

    Root Flash tool issues, etc

    I'll try to make the long story short. Keep in mind the phone is not rooted or hacked in any way and nothing has changed since I went to bed the night before. I woke up yesterday morning to my Optimus(vm720) saying every app unexpectedly quit, it kept spamming the errors so I restarted the...
  16. R

    Opt F3 - Not totally dead - Looking for help

    Hi All, I have an Optimus F3 that I've been trying to revive for months but no luck and looking for help. Status: Physically, not damaged in any way. Never dropped, never dunked. When last seen alive months ago: LG logo would appear on screen but then disappear. Now: Have not seen anything...
  17. D

    Hdmi out and other uses for my/your old F3?

    I know that early stock F3 was unable to use an hdmi adapter to connect to a tv, but is that fixed now, or is it a hardware issue. I have G2 now so I was planning on just using the F3 as sort of Miracast. I host Karaoke at my local bar and would like to mirror my lyrics screen to one more...
  18. zphyrtec

    Root Opinions Wanted

    As a newbie, I was curios which rom out there is the most stable and least bloated rom available for the Boost Mobile version of the LS-720? I dont need alot of apps like busybox as the phone is going to be given to my 14 year old whose not a programmer but whose curiosity could cause issues if...
  19. Bodycount

    Upgrading from F3Q to S7

    I'm upgrading a phone on my account from a F3Q to Galaxy S7 on Tmobile. Can I just take the SIM card out of the F3Q and put it in the S7 and be done with it or do I need to call Tmobile up and have them activate the new SIM card and then transfer the number over? Because that way it going to...
  20. A

    Useless Phone? Storage Almost All Gone...

    Are these phones basically useless with all the crud that google keeps forcing on to them??? I only have 205mb of internal storage left, and I am using mostly just the stock apps, plus a few other apps (Skype, Naver Line, google sheets). And to even get THIS MUCH space (205mb) I had to go and...
  21. J

    Can't mount /data in recovery

    Hi. First i need to apologize for my english. The LG F3 is of my nephew Well, all starts with the 'security error' in the F3 of Virgin Mobile. I tried to unbrick and with all tutorials i found always the LG Flash Tools says: stopped working. The phone pass the 'security error' and tried to...
  22. D

    Root Help how do i get into TWRP Revovery manually?

    Okay i was making a flashable zip to my GRU1 OS wen i tested i saw no Status bar and the LG setup wizard Fcs when i go to home, i was guna fix the bugs but i try to rwboot to recovery but idk how or qhat to press, I presse and Vol+ while pressing the power button then i keep holding the Vol+...
  23. D

    Root GamerROM Ultimate 1 v1.0.5 For LG-MS659 ONLY UPDATED: 1/26/16

    Welcome to GamerROM Ultimate GamerROM Ultimate is aOS based off of the stock OS and redesigned for gaming on the go Features: * Material Design Feel/look * New Wallpaper * No bloatware * Flash Player Installed (you need to update the app to access flash player settings) and more...
  24. D

    Root V4.4.4 GamerROM 4 LE v1.0.3 BETA for LG Optimus F3 TMO/MPCS Updated: 1/21/16

    Welcome GamerROM OS is now available to install for the LG Optimus F3 T-Mobile and MetroPCS Models Only Why Choose GamerROM? A: gamerrom is a OS designed by a Pro Gamer witch is me for gamers, imagine rinming a ps4 on your phone thats how fast it goes. Bugs: * Camera Function Doesnt work...
  25. D

    Root is there a CM12.1 rom for.the LGMS659 MPCS?

    Is there a cm12.1 rom for this phone o just got it to develop roms for it