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lg optimus q

  1. E

    Are there two versions of the LG Optimus Q's?

    I have a LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk. It has a 3.2mp camera and appears to have: RAM 420.73mb ROM 213.12mb Android version: 2.3.4 SDcard: 29.71GB I like my phone and don't really want to switch but the storage is killing me! I am not a real teckie person and am afraid to root but...
  2. EManU3LXX

    Root New One Click Root

    I am currently making a one click root (which will also install drivers for this phone). It should be up within less than a week.
  3. E

    Help Need help making an update.zip

    I need to recopy a file i edited and i can not boot the device . so i need to do it via update.zip . how can i do this ? i dont know how to match the checksum . ive made one but i get "E:signature verification failed Installation aborted"
  4. R

    Root LG Optimus Q LGL55c Beta Testers Wanted!

    we need afew people with some knowledge of android to help beta test the new roms for the Q if your interested PM Me!!!
  5. R

    Root Straight Talk Optimus Q, Quick Tip for ROM/Kernel Devs!

    Ok it seems to me maybe there are no decent Q ROMs becuase LG hasn't released the kernel source well check this out rwgast@logicdesign: Back to Work! Im not Q dev nor do I own a Q, but hopefully this will help the Straight Talk Optimus Q Rom Scene, I plan on doing work with the gealto_board...
  6. R

    Root Custom ClockWorkMod Recovery System!!!

    INFORMATION Quote from: BobZhome - AC Forums I didn't write these i just copied and quoted the Authors from another forum But i hope this Information Helps you Guys with LG Q from ST out
  7. R

    Root How To Root! Optimus Q LGL55c

    Posting this for all thoughs out there with an LG Optimus Q LGL55c from straight talk! THIS ROOT WORKS!!! 1) Download these Drivers and install them. 2) Download LG_Esteem_Root.zip. 3) Plug your phone into the USB on your pc 4) Make sure your in "charge only" mode. 5) Open the LG Esteem...
  8. R

    Using a Korean Phone in the United States (Help a n00b)

    Hello there, I am new to these forums and was hoping you could help me. i bought a Droid on launch day and had it two months before my work took me to South Korea. I sold it and lately I have been missing having an Android phone. I really like the phones they have here in South Korea, such as...
  9. S

    Root Make your phone more Linux, BusyBox

    After you root your phone, you can install "BusyBox" application. It makes your phone more Linux. You can find "BusyBox -Stephen(Stericson)" in Android Market.
  10. S

    Root Source Code for LU2300 available

    LG opens LU2300 source code. You can download it from http://opensource.lge.com . Category : MOBILE PHONES Model Name : LGLU2300 Current Available Source Codes: LU2300(Optimus-Q) Android Eclair KR LGU+ To Compile it: Refer to "README.txt" in the source code. - You need set ARCH and...
  11. C

    Root How to root, LG Optimus Q (LG LU2300)

    This is how to root LG Optimus Q (LG LU2300) tested with android 1.6 and 2.1 1. Turn on USB debug mode and plug the phone into your computer. 2. Download adb.zip from here (MediaFire). and extract it to C:/ it should look like this when you are done. C:/adb/(8 Files) #The password for the...
  12. C

    LG Optimus Q

    Can anyone take a shot at this phone? I don't know where to even begin on figuring out how to root something first. Also named LG LU2300. Thanks guys for any help.