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lg power

  1. C

    partial UI reset while streaming video

    When I stream video via my Chrome browser, after 15 minutes or so my UI starts to partially reset. It starts by the top status bar vanishing and the soft keys at the bottom(triangle, circle, square) disappearing and the display expanding to fill their spaces. Then the status bar and soft keys...
  2. P

    ROMs for LG Power L22C?

    Howdy. Are there any known ROMs (preferably custom ones, a la CyanogenMod) that exist for the LG Power? I'm aware that around these forums is a method by which to root the device, which is great, but I'd like something to actually do with that rooting...something to snazz my phone up, if you...
  3. J

    Root I factory reset my LG power and its going insane

    only the back button works the other 2 dont every time i shut the phone down it takes me through the setup again. it pissing me off plzzzzz help!!!!!!!
  4. A

    Default download location

    Hey guys, so I'm using LG power (l22c) and I have this problem, my phone runs out of space too quickly, so I inserted an external memory card, and moved some apps there. Do you guys know of a way I can set the external sd card as my default locations. Thank you!!!
  5. D

    Screen defect

    Just transferred my number and contacts from one Tracfone to a new Tracfone (LG L22c). It worked fine but within a few hours the screen now has horizontal and vertical lines throughout. It was not dropped or anything. It just happened out of the blue. Also, notification sounds started...
  6. D

    Help Phone is SLOW

    First off, I do want to say that this IS a pretty good phone. LOTS of storage space, and the ability to move apps to the SD card is a definite plus. However, I've only had the phone for a month, and pretty much right off the bat, it was SLOW. Very slow when changing screens, opening apps...
  7. y50c

    Root CWM for this phone?

    I want to flash CWM recovery on my phone like I did with the LG Dynamic but I cant find it. I have searched everywhere and I cant find nothing. I would like to make a backup so I dont mess anything up before I try to remove bloatware from the phone or anything else.
  8. mikey79

    Root I factory reset my rooted L22C . . . Help

    So, after the reset the phone has gone nuts. Only the back button works of the soft-keys, I don't get notifications normally, every time it reboots it goes back through the setup process again but remembers the previous answers. Any ideas? I can't find a factory image to flash it with. My wife...
  9. treebhouse

    Help TracFone App not working

    New to android & the LG power, installed the app for TracFone my acc ( can't find widget), and it does nothing but tell me my personal info, and end date - no use of text / data / minutes...any help ?