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lg volt

  1. spock1104

    [ROM][UNOFFICAL]LineageOS 13 6/11/2017

    With the recent demise of CM and rebirth as Lineage, I thought it appropriate to create a new thread. So here we are, Lineage OS 13 on the LG Volt LS740. /* * Your warranty is now potentially void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you...
  2. R

    Unable to get working voicemail on Sprint/Ringplus?

    Anyone able to get voicemail working with the new RingPlus plans? They use real Sprint voicemail now and the stock voicemail app just isnt able to download any of my voicemails. I tried installing a CM13 rom and it does at least send a text when I get a voicemail, but then I lose LTE I have a...
  3. DeltaXzombies

    Root Also throwing this out here. CM14 For G2 Mini

    Not sure if this will be useful as of now but if anyone wants to take a look. http://forum.xda-developers.com/g2-mini/development/alpha-cyanogenmod-14-0-lg-g2-mini-t3466575
  4. D

    Volt only last a few days

    I've triad the stock rom and a few others,but the phone goes into loop or locjup after only a day or two. What could be the probem guys ?
  5. J

    Root How Do I Get My LG Volt Out Of CWM Recovery?

    I was trying to install a cyanogenmod 12 with tmrp. My phone just randomly went into tmrp recovery an i couldnt get out after i tried everything. after that happened then i found some things to use called recovery.img and i installed it on my lg volt and the phone went into cwm recovery and i...
  6. DeltaXzombies

    Root Everything Cyanogenmod [Roms, Recoverys, Guides]

    --The ultimate post to finding Cyanogenmod Roms, Recoverys, and Guides!-- As always NO ONE EXCEPT YOU is held accountable for misuse/damage to your device I take No credit for any of these, all credit to the respected creaters Cyanogenmod 13+related files -Cyanogenmod 13 Roms (Spock1104 and...
  7. K


    I have tried to contact Virgin Mobile Data done right. Every time i talk to them they tell me that it is impossible to unlock the phone. I have had this phone with them for over a year, and they just recently closed the account. I have another phone on the Walmart family plan and would like to...
  8. spock1104

    Root [Unofficial] CyanogenMod Recovery

    Placing this in its own thread for easy tracking, in case it's helpful to anyone. This is CyanogenMod recovery compiled from CM13 source. This is a basic recovery, and I recommend the use of TWRP instead. I also don't anticipate maintaining/updating this recovery unless something goes...
  9. spock1104

    Root [Unoffical] TWRP 3.0.2 1/25/17

    Months of kludging and I finally get a working TWRP image! Had to compile from CM sources and get busybox to compile. Not fun. Let's test the heck out of this thing, if it's working right then we can switch the phone to use F2FS and gain a little more speed...
  10. thegardeningninja

    Root After downloading lg drivers, cpu won't recognize phone

    I was getting ready to root my lg volt, downloaded lg drivers and one click root. Suddenly my phone wasn't recognized on any usb port using any usb cord when prior it worked fine. I uninstalled drivers, now it picks up my phone as an unknown usb device on all usb ports with all of my usb cords...
  11. A

    Root F2FS?

    Would switching the file system of data and cache from ext4 to F2FS make this phone faster? And is anyone interested in making a rom that supports this?
  12. R

    Help LG Volt Can't Access Contacts, Texts or Phone (and More)

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with some major issues that began yesterday with my LG Volt (through Virgin Mobile). It started when I attempted to access my Contacts and the device froze for several minutes before I got a message that Contacts was forced to close. After rebooting it several...
  13. D

    Help Headphone jack issues

    So I'm not really sure where to post this but I'm having a strange issue with my headphone jack... Basically it only works on CM13 and for me that's a problem because I don't want to use CM13 as a daily driver. I can't handle the lag and having to have my screen on to receive calls but I also...
  14. DeltaXzombies

    Root Delta Material CM13 Theme

    After messing around with ThemeDIY I came up with a small theme. This theme is for people who want to maintain a stock material feel but want a blue twist to it. Just download then install. Boom, done All screenshots plus the apk are attached Theme includes: Home/Lockscreen wallpapers Themed...
  15. DeltaXzombies

    Root RIP Volt?

    I guess the Volt has had its last breath. The forums have been dead for quite some time now and no ROM progress has been made. The Volt had a good run but its old and outdated now. I myself still use the Volt and am unable to upgrade. But thanks to everyone who has made this little phone into...
  16. T

    Help LG Volt (LS740V6): No voicemail notification icon on Sprint network

    My rooted Boost Mobile LG Volt (LS740) Android 4.42 ROM version LS740V6 does not show a voicemail notification icon whenever I receive a voicemail. I can retrieve the voicemail just fine, just no notification. Phone is now on Sprint network instead of Boost Mobile. If I flash custom ROMs such...
  17. B

    Root A quick note about cloning eMMC contents to a different Volt phone

    After doing some more experiments with eMMC cloning (basically, dd'ing the entire phone's flash contents to a different phone), I've discovered that this will break cell functionality by disrupting some of the phone's identity information. This kind of sucks, because if download mode runs, this...
  18. P

    Help Can't Use Recovery Mode in Boot Loop

    I have an LG Volt with Virgin Mobile, not rooted, and yesterday it was acting up, unresponsive to touch and button prompts, etc. So, I tried to reset by removing and reinserting the battery. When it powers on it flashes the LG logo and then the Virgin Mobile logo, then it just loops at the VM...
  19. A

    Root Google Assistant port?

    Any chance of something like this http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6p/development/mod-google-assistant-stock-nbd90x-t3477868 being ported to this phone? If yes, would it only work on some ROMs (like cm13)?
  20. M

    Help Downloading

    Hi whenever I try to download something an app document picure it doesn't download it has a download notification but doesn't actually download
  21. A

    Root Download manager not working

    On my friends volt with the cm13 4/25 build his download manager doesn't really work, any ideas why? Whenever he tries using it (from play store or anything else like xposed installer) it doesn't start the download -until he restarts. Meaning he will press download, it will say downloading but...
  22. R

    Root Signal not downloading MMS: Proxy timeout

    I am on Virgin Mobile and I use Signal (formerly TextSecure) as my SMS/MMS app on my phone. Recently, it's been unable to download MMS messages. Checking its debug logs, I see that it is timing out trying to download the MMS. Doing some testing, I discovered that it's the proxy (
  23. H

    Root stock lg volt rom

    does anyone have the original stock rom unrooted or have a link to download it, preferably the zv3 rom? I dont have a PC so im unable to use the lg firmware on the lg website.
  24. C

    Root Resurrection Remix volt?

    hey anyone of our friendly devs could we try to shoot a rr rom for this phone if so I'd personally test it for u and help with my somewhat knowledge @whoshotjr2006 @spock1104
  25. C

    Root Twrp git?

    ard so I'm trying this straight I need help finding the git for twrp 3 the latest one for our volt @Bad_MOFO_33 idk if u can post me the git in a comment the sooner the better I'm going to see if I can dedicate sometime and try getting multirom up and if u can post the multirom git to that be...