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  1. david537

    Black line on rear camera

    I have a Redmi Note 10 and it has a black line that moves if i shake the phone. See in the photo. Please help ;)
  2. E

    Search for an app that lists the installed apps line by line

    Hello! I wrote an app like this myself a few years ago, which no longer works under Android 13. As a senior, a clear alphabetical listing in Text Icon is important to me. Then just the tapped app should be started. Thanks if you have a tip for me
  3. Android News

    Study shows which popular messaging applications use more data

    Some people have gone in and tested some of the most popular messaging applications to see which ones use more of your mobile data. Telegram, WhatsApp and Hangouts perform the best, while applications like Skype and Facebook Messenger use a lot of data.
  4. Android News

    Line is building its own digital assistant called Clova

    Japanese messaging company Line is rumored to be working on its own digital assistant called Clova.
  5. Android News

    LINE messaging app crosses 500 million downloads on Play Store

    LINE, a messaging app popular in Asia, and growing in popularity in Europe and America, has passed 500 million downloads on the Play Store, joining an exclusive club which currently includes Dropbox, Instagram and Skype.
  6. Android News

    The latest update to LINE brings a group call feature

    LINE is a very popular messaging application in Asia and it has just received an update that brings group calling. In fact, this group calling feature will let you create a group call of 200 people in one single group call.
  7. Android News

    LINE's Foodie camera app will help you take great food photos

    LINE's latest app is Foodie, a camera app that includes filters and effects specifically for enhancing the look of food in photos. Be sure to give it a try if you enjoy sharing pictures of your meals with your friends on social media!