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mac android file transfer

  1. Android News

    Android File Transfer for Mac is causing transfer problems with the Pixel and Pixel XL

    When attempting to transfer files from your MacBook to the Pixel or Pixel XL, users have stated there are issues with the files not being transferred. It seems that the issue stems from Google's Android File Transfer app which hasn't been updated since 2012.
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    Help Android File Transfer on Mac can't access micro SD on Moto G3

    Android File Transfer is successfully accessing internal storage and device is set to 'USB for file transfer'. However, the 'Sandisk SD card' section of AFT is blank. It recognises that I have only 511 MB available but there are no actual files visible for me to transfer to Mac. How can I access...
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    Help Cannot connect Galaxy S7 to Mac

    So I am new to Android, and already frustrated (day 2 of ownership). I simply want to transfer files (music, videos, etc.) from my iMac to my Galaxy S7 Edge. Smart Switch worked fine to initially load music. But now I want to manage that music. Android File Transfer constantly says it cannot...
  4. Android News

    A plea for Google to fix the Mac Android File Transfer app

    Jerry of Android Central just wrote up a piece that talks about the Mac Android File Transfer app. It seems to have been abandoned and there are a lot of bits broken about it. Jerry says he isn't asking for much, just that he would just like for Google to fix what is broken and hasn't been...