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    Toshiba Excite AT15-A ROM Flash

    I just purchased a Toshiba Excite AT15-a and it cannot update past Android 4.2. I want to run an app called 'GranBoard' and it required Android 4.3 and up. I see that you can flash a custom ROM to get it up to Marshmallow. I started to try the process with OmniROM and when taken to the...
  2. Android News

    BLU Life One X (2016) gets Android Marshmallow update

    BLU has released a new update for its BLU Life One X smartphone, which released in 2016. However, the update only brings Marshmallow to the phone.
  3. C

    Help Calendar asks permission to manage and make calls

    Why my phone's (Gionee p5w) Calendar asks for permission to manage and make calls? I have Android 6.0 version.
  4. A

    Help stop BBM constantly showing in notification bar

    I used to be on jellybean [samsung] but now on marshmallow [wileyfox]. When I was on Jellybean and I got a message from BBM I would get a starred logo on the notification bar when it arrived. Now, on marshmallow I can't seem to get that. I don't want the logo there all the time, how can i...
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    Help remove BBM notification from bar

    I used to have Jellybean and a Samsung. I now have Marshmallow and a Wileyfox. With Jellybean when I used BBM I only got the notification at the top of the screen when I got a message. It is now on all the time. Is that to do with Marshmallow ? I also don't like the text messaging app. I...
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    Help Reformat the SD card as Portable

    Hello, I have a bq Aquaris X5 Plus and about a week ago, I've bought a 16Gb SD card. I formatted it as internal memory. But now I am noticing that the phone is slow sometimes when opening or close some apps. I've gone to the storage option and moved all the apps to the real internal memory, but...
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    Help How do I use Vietnamese Keyboard on ZALO

    Hi all. I have a problem using physical keyboard which is Vietnamese language on ZALO Instant Messaging. I have tried some keyboards but it cannot work such as TS Keyboard, Viet telex keyboard, Guobi Vietnamese keyboard, IQQI, Redraw keyboard, viet fast keyboard, vietname keyboard, vietnamese...
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    Help Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly after factory reset.

    Hi there, Over the past couple of weeks I have had multiple issues with my HTC One M8. I was having issues with the google play services constantly crashing (every 3 seconds roughly), as well as getting the Android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly error when viewing any sort of media (ie...
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    Help Mouting SD to internal on Sonata 3?

    Hey all - Just purchased a ZTE Sonata 3, on the lure of Marshmallow's ability to mount an SD card as internal storage, upping my internal capacity to my SD's capacity. My device, the brand new ZTE Sonata 3, will only seem to recognise SD cards as portable storage, and shows no option to mount...
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    Help Rescue data from Micro SD card

    Hey guys, this is Armin and I recently travelled up the west coast of Australia, taking lots of pictures with my Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen(Marshmallow). I have a 32 GB SanDisk micro sd card where I saved all the pictures of my trip on. I used it as an internal storage, which makes it only...
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    Help Swipe backspace functionality changed with 6.0.1

    Device: Galaxy S5 Android Version: 6.0.1 Keyboard Swipe: SwiftKey Flow I just updated to 6.0.1 and the backspace functionality seems to have changed when I'm using swipe. I'm trying to find out if there's a way to return to the original functionality, as I've been unable to find it in my...
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    Help I'm having a bunch of issues since upgrading to marshmallow, can anyone help?

    Hey all, I have a Note 5 and upgraded to marshmallow about a month ago, since then I'm running into a bunch of problems that I can't resolve. I've listed then below. Anyone else having these issues or have suggestions on how to fix? If I'm playing to music 30302392033 Bluetooth and then...
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    Help How to disable volume button for text size in Messages

    Good day, I switched few days ago from a Samsung Galaxy S5 to an S7. On my S5 (with Android Lollipop), I was able to disable the volume button in Messages (SMS) (it allows you to control the text size). But now on my S7 (with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1), I can't or can't figure it out how to...
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    Help phone stopped working after marshmallow update

    phone stopped working after marshmallow update, recent apps button not functioning home screen button not functioning, i cant see the notofication bar, i cannot turn on developer option:its showing developer option not avaliable for this user. and even factory reset button is disabled . ANY...
  15. Android News

    Lenovo Vibe P1 update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolling out now

    Lenovo has officially announced that the Marshamallow update for the Vibe P1 smartphone will be rolling out over the next several days. Some lucky users in India are already receiving the update.
  16. Android News

    Telus announces Marshmallow rollout dates for Galaxy S5 and Note 4

    If you're on Telus and are still rocking the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4, then we have some great news for you. The Canadian carrier has announced that the two flagships from 2014 will be 5 getting some Marshmallow love. The Marshmallow rollout for the Galaxy S5 will begin on May 2nd, while the...
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    Help Will the new update remove Fb messengar and whatsapp permanently?

    I did some research and couldn't find an anser... Will this update remove the Facebook messenger and Whatsapp completely? Those are two very important social communicators to me...
  18. L

    Help E-mail synch problems following S6 upgrade to Marshmallow

    My Galaxy S6 auto updated to marshmallow over the weekend. Since then my Hotmail e-mails no longer auto-synch, I have to manually update. I have tried:- 1. checking that auto-synch is turned on for both the e-mail app and the phone. Tried turning it off and on a few times which is often...
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    Help Air command Greyed out after update

    Recently i have upgraded my note 5 to marshmallow from lollipop but after the update my air command has been greyed out in the settings menu.When i detach s-pen am only getting a vibration feedback not the s-pen features.
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    Help LG G3 Marshmallow Update Problem

    I live in Bulgaria(GMT+2:00),so I recieved the update yesterday on my unlocked LG G3(D-855 a.k.a "the international version").I started downloading it at around like 21:59 on a pretty fast Wi-Fi network(my home network) and now it's stuck at 59%(455.54 of the 769.96MB download) Are the LG update...
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    Help Hotspot not working

    Every time I attempt to turn on my hotspot, it turns off straight away. Then, it will continue quickly turning on and off again for quite some time before saying (underneath 'portable Wi-Fi hotspot) 'error'. Can anyone help? The phone is a Nexus 5 on Android 6.0
  22. Android News

    ZTE A2017 spotted on GFXBench with SD820 SoC, QHD display

    ZTE may be working on a new high-end device to bring to the market. With a Snapdragon 820, 5.5-inch display, and 4GB of RAM, this may be quite the beast once we get our hands on it. Add in the fact that it features a 21MP camera and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box, and our interest is...
  23. Android News

    Android Distribution numbers for March show Marshmallow at 2.3%

    The latest Android Distribution numbers have been released for March. The numbers once again show slight growth for Marshmallow. Last month Marshmallow was at 1.2%. This month it's up to 2.3%. KitKat remains to be the leader with Froyo hanging on by a mere 0.1%.
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    Help Marshmallow SD Card Chaos

    I just upgraded to Marshmallow on the Moto G3 8gb model. I've had most of my app data stored on a 32gb Samsung SD card because of the ungodly low internal memory. Now, I didn't realize Marshmallow restricts you from writing app data onto the SD card, and the apps that were on there...
  25. Android News

    If you're using an LG G4 and are running Marshmallow, Xposed modules are now compatible

    LG G4 users running Marshmallow ROM's can now rejoice, Xposed modules are now compatible with those devices.