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  1. moahmemdalaazaki

    PASS player: music player app - video media player

    PASS player is a powerful player of all music player and video player formats for your mobile phone. It supports an MP3 player and the best free video player. You can view the music by some convenient categories: song title, artist, album. When you download the video player that is integrated...
  2. H

    playing audio in directories

    I have copied parts of my music library to the SD-card in my Android. Now I would like to play the audio files in a directory and its sub directories preferentially just by tapping on the directory in file manager. How do I accomplish this. Thanks in advance H
  3. A

    App Inventor Problem with MediaPlayer.create() when recreating with same files after mediaPlayer.release()

    I have a simple media player app that works fine for a while (like each song will play about 50 times) and then starts to crash on almost all the media files (a few still work but lag really bad; there is no lag until the errors). These errors continue even after stopping the activity and...
  4. R

    MediaPlayer creates more than one buffer in SurfaceFlinger

    Hello everyone, I have a problem in my app development I'm currently developing video live wallpaper and I'm having some issue. The video plays well, I also release the video every time onCompletion is invoked. However, when the mediaplayer object is prepared (onPrepared called) or playing...