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    Help Need to install custom ROM in a Chinese tablet

    Hello everyone ! I've a Chinese tablet device which I want to install on it a custom ROM to change its features and also its Android version to a newer one. The problem is that the tablet doesn't have a known brand. I googled it and I didn't find a lot of matches and it doesn't display in the...
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    MediaTek - Bypass SPFT Auth FIle

    A contact of mine just sent me the following link to XDA News about someone that found a way to bypass SPFT authentication on a lot of MTK chipsets https://www.xda-developers.com/bypass-mediatek-sp-flash-tool-authentication-requirement/ I had to repost this here because this is pretty...
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    ZTE Blade A3 Prime Thread

    ZTE BLADE A3 PRIME GENERAL THREAD PHONE SPECS As we find out more about the device I will list it here. Again I do not have one of these myself so I'm relying on people that do to feed me this info Codename: Z5157, could be V or Y as a suffix depending on if it's Visible or Yahoo Android: 10...
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    MediaTek unveils Helio P60 chipset with Cortex-A73 and an AI core

    MediaTek unveiled the Helio P60 - a mid-range chip that will challenge the Helio X30. And it goes without saying that it has hardware to accelerate AI tasks, the NeuroPilot core. The P60 is built on TSMC's 12nm FF process (rather than 10nm FF+ like the X30). It has four Coretex-A73 cores lcocked...
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    MediaTek Sensio is a new biosensor module that brings health monitoring to smartphones

    MediaTek Inc. today unveiled MediaTek Sensio, the first 6-in-1 smartphone biosensor module. MediaTek Sensio is a powerful advanced health monitoring solution which makes it easy to track heart rate information, blood pressure trends, peripheral oxygen saturation levels and more.
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    Google is partnering with Qualcomm and MediaTek for Android Go devices

    Both Qualcomm and MediaTek will be supporting Google's initiative for entry-level devices in developing markets. Android Go, as it's called, is a special version of the OS meant for devices with 1GB of RAM or less.
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    New report claims MediaTek wants to take over Qualcomm's dominance in China

    A new report claims that MediaTek is working on persuading Chinese OEM's to use its Helio lineup over Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors.
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    Google and MediaTek make it easier to make non-Qualcomm devices

    Google and MediaTek have teamed up to launch a new Android conformance and compatibility program which will help smartphone manufacturers build devices using MediaTek SoCs that will come pre-installed with Google’s Mobile Services.
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    Meizu and MediaTek tackling facial recognition technology

    Meizu has announced a partnership with MediaTek to create the best facial recognition technology for mobile use.
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    MediaTek Unveils Helio P23 & Helio P30 SoCs

    The MediaTek Helio P30 and Helio P23 have been announced. These are robust upgrades to the P20 series, retaining the same octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU architecture but upgrading many other facets of the SoCs, including the GPUs and modems.
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    The Meizu M6 Note will be powered by both Snapdragon and MediaTek processors

    The base version uses the MediaTek chip paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage. Another version swaps out the P25 for Snapdragon 625 and keeps the memory configuration. The top version ups the RAM to 4GB and doubles the storage to 64GB.
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    The latest MediaTek Helio processors will be announced on August 29th

    MediaTek started sending invites for an announcement of two new processors - the Helio P23 and the Helio P30. Details and specifications are expected to be unveiled at an event in Beijing on August 29.
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    The Meizu Pro 7 will be powered by the MediaTek Helio X30 SoC

    MediaTek has all but confirmed that the Meizu Pro 7 will be powered by the Helio X30 SoC after releasing its plans for the 2nd half of 2017.
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    The MediaTek MT8516 chipset supports Google Assistant and Android Things

    MediaTek has just announced a new chip that will support both Google Assistant as well as Android Things. The company says it is a full-featured chipset designed to enable Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) and smart speakers while also supporting Android Things.
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    Details of the MediaTek Helio X30 has been announced

    On Weibo, MediaTek announced some details of their new 10-core SoC that's built on a 10nm manufacturing process. When compared to the X20, the X30 should increase performance by 35%, improve battery efficiency by 50%, and features a CorePilot verification system, Imagiq 2.0 and more.
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    MediaTek and TSMC are working on 7nm chipsets

    MediaTek and TSMC are said to be working on a 7nm process for manufacturing chipsets. This would lead to greater power efficiency and a lower overall footprint.
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    MediaTek Helio X30 officially launched at MWC

    The Helio X30 is MediaTek's newest processor unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year. The device is manufactured using the 10nm process and MediaTek says it consumes 50% less power for a 35% performance increase over the previous generation.
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    New MediaTek Helio P25 SoC comes with dual-camera ssupport

    The new MediaTek P25 has been unveiled, featuring an octa-core Cortex-A53 clocked at 2.5GHz and a Mali-T880 GPU. The new doesn't improve power efficiency, but if fine tuned to improve graphics capabilities and enhanced camera functionality. Key features include: - Pioneering Resolution: Up to...
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    AMD has filed patent infringement complaints against MediaTek, LG, Vizio and Sigma

    AMD is known for the desktop GPUs they manufacture, but they also own a number of graphics processing patents that they believe are being infringed on. The company has filed a complaint against other OEMs such as MediaTek, LG, Vizio and Sigma.
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    The GM of MediaTek hosts an interview about smartphones at CES 2017

    Finbarr Moynihan is the general manager at MediaTek, and he sat down with Android Authority at CES this year. During the interview, we learn about how they feel the smartphone market is advancing, how their chips can be used in other products, and more.
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    The MediaTek Helio X30 shows up on GeekBench

    The new Helio X30 processor has appeared on GeekBench and shows that it outperforms the best of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors.
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    MediaTek announces 2 new Helio processors

    MediaTek has announced its latest high-end processors, the Helio X23 and Helio X27. Both processors offer "more than a 20% overall processing improvement" over their predecessors.
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    MediaTek announces UltraCast, tech that allows 4K video streams from a smartphone to the TV

    To compete with Google and their Google Cast technology, MediaTek has just announced UltraCast. This will allow smartphones to stream 4K content to your television set.
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    MediaTek revenue increases 29% in 2016

    MediaTek is growing pretty fast. According to Focus Taiwan, the company's annual revenue increased by 29% in 2016. Qualcomm still controls a large portion of the market, however they have slowed thanks to MediaTek's growing business.
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    Moto M may use a MediaTek chipset

    After recently-leaked Moto M specs were debunked, new evidence shows that the device may not use a Snapdragon 625 chipset. An Antutu benchmark is showing a MediaTek MT6755. It's widely believed that the Moto M is a budget phone for China, so their use of a MediaTek chipset for this release would...