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meizu mx4

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    Root Can I install google play on MX4, do I root first

    I want to buy Meizu4 , Can I install google play on MX4, do I root first
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    Help Meizu MX4 update over the air

    Hi, How does my MX4 get updated over the air? Heard there is a new update flyme 4.0.2 but how to update it ? Thanks
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    Meizu has been under the spotlight for quite some time now. Meizu MX3 was a rather popular device, though mainly in China, but ever since the MX4 launched Meizu has been talked about non-stop. This Chinese manufacturer managed to hit the sweet spot with this device and offer it worldwide for a...
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    Meizu MX4 pricing includes import tax and shipping at $449

    Meizu have updated details of the Meizu MX4 pricing which makes the price a little easier to swallow for international customers in certain parts of the world. In China the Meizu MX4 costs from just 1799 Yuan, where as for international customers the cost is from $449 or 2700 Yuan. Obviously...