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  1. R

    Help Can't receive Text Msgs from two people

    My wife's Motorola Edge started having problems with Messenger App. It started with NOT receiving my Text Messages. I could receive hers, but she was not getting my replies. Today the same problem is happening with our son in Arizona. She is running Android 11 We don't see any Blocks or other...
  2. E

    Messenger is now called Work Chat?

    I have the latest update of Messenger awaiting installation on my Android device, but it is named as Work Chat. I am suspicious that it is a fake app and so haven't yet installed it. I noticed someone else had the same thing occur, but for some reason removed their enquiry from Reddit. Can...
  3. M

    Messages from Service to Client

    Hi I am creating an Activity(Client)/Service App. The Service is local and bound to the Activity. What I would like to do is send messages from the Service to the Activity. I've looked at the Messenger class and it looks promising, except the only examples I've found have the handler in the...
  4. Android News

    Facebook rolls out a Messenger app just for kids

    Facebook has introduced Messenger Kids. The app allows a parent to make a messaging account for their children on their own Facebook profile, while gaining parental control features to manage their children's usage and communications.
  5. The_Chief

    Help Facebook Messenger Settings

    Which are dismal, to say the least. I use FB Messenger because so many other people I know do. And I have chat heads ON, so my notifications pop up. However, on my Galaxy Note 8 the chat heads override Do Not Disturb mode... I'll be falling asleep at night, the Note 8's screen on a very dim...
  6. Android News

    Facebook is serious about playing games on Messenger

    Facebook has announced it is expanding the reach of its Instant Games for Messenger to even more users around the world. The company is also launching several new features for games, including leaderboards and tournaments, depending on the game.
  7. A

    Help Chat or messenger

    Can anybody tell me what chat or messaging app this photo was created from? Thank you
  8. A

    Help How to keep both MESSAGES and MESSENGER

    I am tired of changing default settings to see both types of messages. What can I do?
  9. Android News

    Facebook announces Android Auto integration with Facebook Messenger

    Texting while driving is a big no-no, but Android Auto is making it safer by letting the driver use their voice to reply to people. Today, Facebook has announced direct integration of their Messenger service with Google's Android Auto platform.
  10. Android News

    Facebook is reportedly looking to add more games to Messenger

    The Information is reporting that Facebook wants to bring more games to their Messenger application. The toolset is said to be called Instant Games, and sources say that Facebook is hoping to bring more asynchronous games to the platform.
  11. Android News

    Google Messenger receives an update to version 2.0.068, brings a new icon, setup screen and more

    A new update to Google Messenger has started to roll out that includes the following changes. . . - New icon. - New notification bar icon. - New share screen for new messages. - New setup screen. - Actual messaging conversation thread has minimized padding and is much more compact. - Main...
  12. Android News

    Google Keyboard now has GIF support on Android 7.1 Nougat with Google Messenger

    Android 7.1 comes with a feature called image keyboard support that extends the type of content that can be sent from keyboards. It looks like Google has already added this functionality to Google Keyboard and it is currently working in their Messenger application.
  13. A

    Help Default messenger can't change photos

    I can't change photos in the messenger
  14. A

    Help Mark message as read after in-notification reply?

    Nexus 5X running non-rooted 7.0 (Build #NRD90S) with Messenger as default app. When I reply to a text within the notification, the notification doesn't disappear and the text doesn't get marked as read within the app. Is this working as intended and is there a setting to change this? It would...
  15. Android News

    At least one user can enable Secret Conversation within the Facebook Messenger app

    We first learned that Facebook was working on adding a way to encrypt messages with its Messenger application back in March of this year. Last month, they started rolling the feature out in the app's beta version, but now a person on Reddit says they can enable the feature right now.
  16. Android News

    Google improves the direct reply feature of Messenger in its latest update

    Android N is introducing a new direct reply feature that will happen within the notification card. Previously, Messenger just allowed you to reply to a message from here and that was it. But thanks to the latest update (included in Android N Dev Preview 4), they've added a 'conversation view'...
  17. Android News

    Facebook is reportedly being more aggressive with removing Messenger from their mobile website

    Someone has spotted a notice on the mobile Facebook website that tells them their conversations are moving over to Messenger, the application. It seems Facebook has been gradually doing this for a while now, but it's being reported that they are being more aggressive with it now
  18. O

    Here are the 35 known Facebook Chatbots so far

    Facebook yesterday launched the long-awaited Chatbots service that allows you to connect with businesses over Facebook Messenger. Wondering which businesses are in for the early going? There are 35 different businesses ready to go, including eBay, 1-800-Flowers and Bank of America.
  19. Android News

    New update to Telegram brings redesigned chat screens and Bot API 2.0

    Telegram has started rolling out version 3.8 which brings redesigned chat screens, and Bot API 2.0. Bots can have inline keyboards to interact with them before you decide to send your message (like the new @Music), they can send all kinds of attachments (like @sticker which finds stickers...
  20. Android News

    Facebook is reportedly working on secret chats and mobile payments for its Messenger app

    The Information says they were given some code for Facebook's Messenger application that looks to reveal some upcoming features the service might get. The first is Secret Chats, which could be a way to encrypt conversations and the second feature would let people buy things "in stores" with the...
  21. Android News

    Facebook brings support for sharing Spotify songs and playlists to Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has been adding tons of features to its Messenger application and today they added something for the music lovers out there. Spotify support has now been added to the app, so you can tap the ellipsis icon, then scroll down and tap on Spotify. Once it connects, you'll be able to share...
  22. Android News

    Uber Teams with Facebook to Let You Order a Rides from Messenger

    Facebook and Uber have joined together to integrate the Uber API into their Messenger application. And you won't even have to download the Uber application to do so. - Meeting a loved one for dinner? Send them the restaurant location on Messenger, and they can request a ride there by simply...
  23. Android News

    Facebook Introduces Photo Magic to their Messenger App

    Facebook Messenger‘s newest feature Photo Magic scans your newly taken photos with facial recognition, and immediately notifies you with an option to send pics to friends that are in them. The test is rolling out in Australia today on Android and later this week on iOS, before reaching other...