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    I'm done with AT&T

    Hi folks: I'm looking for a cheaper service. Mint's $15.00 a month unlimited talk and Internet for each of my two phones sounds good. I'm assuming there's about that much more for taxes and whatever. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor with a good sense of humor. Is there another network I...
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    Latest Mint update adds the ability to sync your bill reminders to your calendar

    The last time we saw Mint updated was back in December, but today they have started rolling out a new update. This update now comes with a toggle in the settings that will let Mint add reminders to your calendar about upcoming bills.
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    Latest update for Mint lets you track bills, as well as payments

    The developers behind the Mint Android application have pushed out a new update through the Play Store. This update comes with the following changes. . . - Smart Reminder - Two-Tap Payments - Quick Payments - Free Payment Options - Easy Onboarding - Credit Score Snapshot
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    Mint updated with payment tracking and bill reminders

    The personal finance app Mint has been updated to include unified bill and payment tracking. Rather than relying on reminders and post-it notes, the app can now directly notify you of outstanding bills and shows you where money needs to go on one screen.
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    Personal finance app Mint gets fingerprint unlock support

    Mint is an all-in-one personal finance tool that can help you manage your personal finances and get out of debt. Until now, only PIN unlocks have been available but with a recent update, the app now supports fingerprint unlock.