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  1. Rob

    Greatest Moments in AF HISTORY?!

    It's hard to believe that AndroidForums.com has been around since early 2008! https://androidforums.com/threads/welcome-to-androidforums-com.6/ I'd love to collect a list of member-favorite "Greatest Moments" from our history to look back on as we prepare for the next evolution of our...
  2. Android News

    Facebook brings its photo sharing service, Moments, to the web

    Until now, you were required to download the Facebook Moments application if you wanted to use the company's photo sharing service. Today though, Facebook has launched a light/limited version of the service on the web through the sidebar of Facebook.com.
  3. Android News

    Some users are seeing Moments appearing in their own Twitter timeline

    For those of you who live in a region where Twitter's Moments feature is live (US, Canada, UK, Australia and Brazil), you might start to see a curated Moment appear in your timeline. This feature was introduced a while ago, but it was sectioned off to another part of the app/website. If Twitter...
  4. Android News

    Facebook Kills Photo Sync, Asks Users to Use Their Moments Application

    The last time we saw Facebook remove a part of the main application and tell their users to download another one, it was with Facebook Messenger. This time it seems that Photo Sync is gone from the main Facebook application. When users ask about the feature, they are directed to the company's...