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moto x

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    Moto X Pure Edition finally gets Nougat

    The Moto X 2015 has been upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat, its first update in over a year. It also gets the latest Android Security update, with the previous one having been as "recent" as September 2016.
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    Help Smart Switch Issue

    I just got a Moto X Pure Edition and I need to switch my data from my Galaxy S3 to the Moto X, but it's saying that the Moto X is saying it's only a sending device. Help?
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    Motorola says Moto X isn't dead

    Motorola execs mentioned to press that the Moto X is "alive and well." The spokesperson mentioned the Moto X Force as proof of that. That would seem to indicate that the Moto Z and Moto X will live on in harmony, however Motorola could have been using PR spin to make it sound as if the Moto X...
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    Moto Z will replace the Moto X line

    Earlier, we heard Motorola was looking to replace the Moto X line. Thanks to a report that released today, we now get a clue as to what that line may be called: Moto Z. It's not a big change, but it does signify that the company is looking to make a major departure from their usual design, and...
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    DEAL: Motorola has the 2014 Moto X for $150 until May 17th with coupon

    At the end of April we told you that Motorola was discounting the 2014 Moto X down to $200. This deal is still going on but if you use a coupon code then you can get an additional $50 off. Simply build your 2014 Moto X like you normally would with Moto Maker, but then enter the coupon code...
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    Here are some rendered images of the Moto X 2016 and Moto Droid 2016

    HelloMotoTK has taken to Google+ to share some rendered images of Motorola and Lenovo's upcoming flagship devices for 2016. The Moto X and Droid 2016 both feature all new designs and we can expect to see more about these devices leading up to their announcements.
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    Evan Blass (@evleaks) confirms the design of the new Moto X

    VentureBeat published a rumor article in December of 2015, which detailed what the next Moto X would look like. Earlier today, Evan Blass (@evleaks) linked to that post, with an image of the purported new device. Motorola and Lenovo are expected to announce the latest Moto X later this year.
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    DEAL: Motorola Moto X (2nd gen) now selling for $200

    Motorola is looking to clear out inventory of the second generation Moto X by dropping the price of the phone to $200. Since the discount is available directly from Motorola, you'll even be able to customize the look of the phone with Moto Maker.
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    Moto X Force 32GB model discounted to ₹34,999 in India

    The Moto X Force (the unlocked version of the Turbo 2) launched in India for ₹49,999. It's now on sale for only ₹34,999 at Flipkart for the 32GB model and ₹37,999 for the 64GB model. Great deal for a phone that is built to last.