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moto z

  1. Milo Williamson

    Moto z 2 force, vibration when turning on device.

    So now every time I turn on my old Moto z 2 force, I always get a vibration, anyone can tell me how to disable it ?
  2. Android News

    Deal: 64GB Moto Z 2016 for $350

    Amazon and B&H now have the Moto Z for $349.99, a savings of $350 from the original MSRP, and about $100 less than what the phone usually goes for.
  3. Android News

    Motorola to launch limited edition Star Wars Style Mod

    Motorola is expected to launch the Star Wars Limited Edition Moto Style Mod in a few weeks. They will cost around $20.
  4. Android News

    Motorola's Black Friday deals revealed

    Motorola has taken $100 off the Moto Z and Moto Z2 Play for Black Friday, as well as 25% off all Moto Mods. You can also take up to $75 off the Moto G5 Plus and up to $30 off the Moto E4 Plus.
  5. Android News

    Android Oreo soak test for Moto Z and Z2 Force begins in Brazil

    Some folks in Brazil have been notified via email to participate in a survey to apply as candidates to test an early build of Android Oreo for the Moto Z and Moto Z2 Force. The readers that were notified were signed up for Motorola's testing program called the "Motorola Feedback Network".
  6. Android News

    Livermorium Keyboard Moto Mod, It includes a 1725mAh battery

    Check out this slide out keyboard mod for the Moto Z that gives you that old T-Mobile Sidekick feeling.
  7. Android News

    Here's the list of Moto devices getting Android Oreo

    Motorola has shared the devices it plans to update to Android Oreo. Those devices are: Moto Z2 Force (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) Moto Z2 Play (Verizon, unlocked) Moto Z Force DROID (Verizon) Moto Z (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, unlocked) Moto Z Play (Verizon, unlocked) Moto G5S Plus...
  8. Android News

    Deal: 64GB Moto Z for $399

    Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H all have the 64GB Moto Z for $399.99, which is $300 off of the MSRP.
  9. Android News

    Motorola offers free JBL SoundBoost mod with $500 unlocked Moto Z for a limited time

    Motorola is offering a free JBL SoundBoost Mod with unlocked Moto Z purchases for a limited time. The unlocked Moto Z is currently going for $500.
  10. Android News

    Deal: Get $200 off the Moto Z for Father's Day

    Motorola is discounting the 64GB version of the Moto Z. Head to the company's website and put the phone in your cart and then apply the code MOTOZ200OFF to receive the discount.
  11. Android News

    New ZeroLemon battery cases available for Pixel, Pixel XL, and more

    Several new ZeroLemon cases are available for the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, and the Moto Z.
  12. Android News

    Verizon releases Moto Z / Moto Z Force Droid Edition May security patch

    Verizon has released the May security update for the Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid on its network. The update is software version number NCL25.86-11.4.
  13. Android News

    Moto Z physical keyboard project passes Indiegogo funding goal just in time

    The physical keyboard Moto Z mod that appeared on IndieGogo a few months ago has just squeaked by the funding target for the crowdfunding campaign.
  14. Android News

    Moto Z Play's battery life makes it an amazing phone

    The Moto Z Play is an amazing phone all around, but one Verge writer says he's having trouble giving up the phone thanks to its amazing all day battery life.
  15. Android News

    Motorola’s official Power Pack Mod for the Moto Z/Force/Play has been delayed

    Motorola's Power Pack mod for the Moto Z series of phones was supposed to launch in March, but after reaching out to the company, Phandroid has confirmed the mod won't be released until later this spring. The latest date to hit that milestone is June 20th.
  16. Android News

    Moto is bringing back the RAZR as a Moto Mod for April Fools

    Motorola Malysia has posted an early April Fools teaser about a Moto RAZR Moto Mod. They say it'll bring the 2000s' most iconic phone back as a Moto Mod.
  17. Android News

    Here's the finalists for the Moto Mods IndieGoGo competition

    Lenovo has revealed the twelve finalists for the Transform the Smartphone Moto Mods competition in partnership with IndieGoGo. These twelve mod developers have gotten their Moto Z dev kits and are ready to get started on their upcoming Moto Mods.
  18. Android News

    Lenovo's new Moto Z ad campaign is hillarious

    Lenovo has released a handful of new Moto Z ads which are quite funny. The basic premise is that the people in the ads are in a counseling session and aren't really happy with the phone they have now. They don't really talk about how the Moto Z and its Moto Mods are better than the competition...
  19. Android News

    This Moto Mod adds an LED notification strip to your Moto Z

    A new IndieGoGo page has popped up for a Moto Mod called Edge, which adds an LED notification edge to your Moto Z, complete with customizable colors.
  20. Android News

    Lenovo has released the Moto Z's Android Nougat update

    As promised, the Android Nougat update for the Moto Z has been released. Unfortunately, not all Moto Z users have received the update yet. From what we can tell, only a select number of unlocked Moto Z users in the US have been given the privilege of updating their phones to the new OS build...
  21. H

    Help [Moto Z Question] Can I use fingerprint reader and proximity sensors as defacto nav buttons?

    Hi, I have a Moto Z droid and whiles it's a great phone I hate the fact that the bottom bezel is huge and that it doesn't use that space for the navigational buttons. Is there any software available to disable the on screen buttons and use the proximity sensors as de facto navigational buttons...
  22. Android News

    New Moto Mod brings ability to add macros to your device

    TimeWave is a new Moto Mod that's in development with what it calls a “5D Touch Surface” to bring the ability to create macros to your phone through the use of several buttons on the back.
  23. Android News

    Get a free Moto Z Droid or half price Moto Z Droid Force

    Best Buy is currently offering a good deal on the Moto Z Droid or the Moto Z Droid Force when you set up a payment plan with Verizon. Bill credits wipe out the cost of the Moto Z completely, while the Moto Z Force is $15 a month after the credit.
  24. Android News

    11 Android phones on Verizon getting security patches

    Verizon is sending out security patch updates to 11 Android phones on its network, including the HTC 10, Moto Z, Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, Note Edge, and the Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+.
  25. Android News

    Motorola shares the best Moto Mod ideas from their hackathon

    Motorola is holding Mod The Future Hackathons in several cities. The first took place in NYC where the company awarded finalist placement for 3 Moto Mod ideas, including a skin care companion, a gamepad, and a high fidelity audio DAC that includes a 3.5mm headphone jack. Moto says the winners...