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motorola moto e (2nd gen)

  1. Android News

    The 2nd generation Moto E 4G is getting updated with December's security patches

    If you have the 2nd gen Moto E then you can look forward to a new OTA update being sent to you soon. The update doesn't change much, but it does come with December's Android security update.
  2. M

    Motorola Moto E Jacked Up!

    I was messing around in the Settings and wanted to see what Text-To-Talk was all about. So I tapped it and it took me to a demo screen, and then it wouldn't let me out of it. I pressed the Home key, the Back Arrow key, and the Tabs key. It wouldn't budge. So I decided to reboot the phone, but...
  3. R

    Help Moto E(2015) corrupting SD Cards, internal storage constantly full

    Basically my Moto E is increasingly useless for all but bear essentials. I can't place any apps on the SD Card or they crash within an hour or so. I also get an SD Card not found upon reset quite regularly. The space got really bad after I accidentally Migrated data back to Internal storage...
  4. Seraph08

    Root [ROM][7.1][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 14.1 [surnia]

    CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google...
  5. Martyn Tanner

    Moving Apps to SD card

    I recently installed a 64GB SD card into my Moto E (2015) to give me more storage. However the option to move apps seems to have disappeared. I am now on Andriod 6. I recently installed AppMgr III which tells me that none of the apps on my internal storage are movable. I think my SD card is set...
  6. A

    How to bypass motor 2nd gen

    i have rebooted my device and forgotten the login google I'd it is asking to sing in with previously login I'd
  7. P

    Root Moto e root problem: stuck on warning screen

    Hi. Rooting is new to me so please be gentle. I have the Moto e 2nd Gen LTE 4G. I was following this video: http://www.xda-developers.com/how-to...loader-xda-tv/ and thought I was doing well but came unstuck after completing the 'unlock'. I then followed this page...
  8. 1

    Moto E won't turn on.

    Ok so before going to bed I had plugged my Moto E into it's OEM charger block to charge fully before taking it to work in the morning. I woke up, took the phone off its charger and turned it on. Everything seemed fine. Got in the car and was just texting one of my buddies when all of a sudden...
  9. S

    Help Display

    I have to keep turning brightness level up on the phone i have tried both settings but now and again it just goes to low light.
  10. irishpack

    Assigning individual notification tones for messaging

    New MotoE (2nd gen) I am able to assign specific ringtones, but not for messages. Anyone been able to figure this out?
  11. I

    available space doesn't add up

    I'm on the verge of giving up with this phone, the storage is such an issue. I know it doesn't have a lot available, and putting a big SD card in doesn't really help as not many types of file can be stored on it, but even after deleting files I still don't have space free, and the numbers don't...
  12. M

    Ring+ (Sprint) Firmware Needed

    I think I flashed my phone with the wrong firmware because it thinks the SIM is no good. What is the correct firmware to download and flash? I would prefer one that has bloatware removed. I don't need the FM Radio. I will be using it for Lyft and Uber driver apps. Waze and SherpaShare.
  13. Dslack420

    Root Tether help

    Rooted boost mobile newest update lp123.29-18-s.12 tryed build prop edits no luck please help
  14. F

    Engineer mode for Moto E 2nd Gen?

    Does anyone know the code for engineer mode for the Moto E 2nd Gen? I have found some codes online but they don't work. I have an issue with the in-call volume being very low which I think I may be able to fix in engineer mode if I can get to it!
  15. M

    Moto e 2nd gen downgrading firmware.

    Apologies is this has been asked before. My uk moto e 2ng gen 4G lte has just upgraded to Marshmallow 6.0 firmware, would it be possible to downgrade to the previous stock firmware Lollipop 5.0.2 without needing to unlock the bootloader. I read on another site that upgrading firmware works okay...
  16. SlyBlue520

    Help Problem while installing TWRP

    Sorry if this topic was already made, but I can't find it anywhere... Why do I get this message while using the ADB and fastboot's cmd? ____________________________________________________________________ C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery recovery.img target...
  17. D

    Root Moto E LTE 2015 does not boot directly into Android.

    Hi all, I was using my phone for a few weeks, when I decided it was a good idea to root. when I was doing the process, I typed fastboot -w , which made the phone lose it's partitions and make them blank. I had nothing to lose, and I tried to fix it. when I stumbled upon a stock firmware, I...
  18. MLSS

    I saw on the boost mobile website that Motorola released an update for the Moto E 2015.

    Motorola released an update for the Moto E 2015. It's just bug fixes and improvements kind of update but it hasn't hit my device as of yet. Anyone get it? If so, what did it improve? lol
  19. Kahroo

    Root Stuck on Android is starting up

    So I went and restored my phone but it seems to be stuck on the optimizing apps/starting apps screen and won't go anywhere else? Anyway I can fix this? I've tried to flash a boost mobile (my carrier) stock rom but I get the same problem.
  20. B

    Boot looping / will not shut off or recovery

    I got my Moto e 4g wet (submerged for a minute) a few days ago. I made a bag of rice and threw it in there (unfortunately I also found out the battery isn't removable!). At the beginning it went into bootloader but not further and would stay on the screen. Now, 2 days since it was in the...
  21. roadkill42

    Root 6.0 bliss

    I found 6.0 bliss ROM for the moto e 2015 LTE version and its an official one I will try to find it again and post the linkhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-e-2015/orig-development/rom-blisspop-t3197059
  22. S

    Root Anyone know if Xled works?

    Got Xposed with Gravity Box going and I'm thrilled. Wondering if I can get the notification led working though. Edit: Tried Xled and doesn't seem to do anything. I'm mostly just wanting to get txt and phone notifications. From what I'm finding out it doesn't look too possible.
  23. roadkill42

    Root Bootloader unlocked screen

    I successfuly unlocked and flashed twrp no problems but can't get rid of that nag for having boot loader unlocked any suggestions I tried what was posted on XDA it puts it in boot loop device is a boost moto e 2015 thanks in advance
  24. DennisJJR

    Root Stuck at dead android, no recovery after attempted restore

    So, I went and follwed this guide: http://www.droidviews.com/restore-moto-e-2015-to-stock-firmware/ with the correct firmware for my XT1526 moto e, I cant get it to be seen in adb now (I think i forgot to enable debugging in CM13...) I have no recovery, no commands, no adb, and no fastboot. When...
  25. MLSS

    Just started using this little beast.

    My G3 (boost mobile) took a short drop off a long pier and now lives in the bottom of our big pond....... Really enjoyed the phone but I am now finally using the Moto E I bought as a backup a while back. I opened the box this morning. I haven't had much time with it but it is a nice little...