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motorola moto g

  1. Patrick Henry

    Motorola Moto G Power Not Recognizing SD Card Reader

    I have the above mentioned phone that was working fine looking at photos from my trail cameras. The only problem was that google photos was backing them all up when I didn't want it to. So I turned off the automatic backup in google photos and now it doesn't even recognize the card reader at...
  2. Android News

    New Motorola video introduces everyone to the Moto G family

    Titled 'The Moto G Exhibit', Motorola's latest video is 6 minutes long and gives us a look at the company's latest Moto G series of smartphones.
  3. Android News

    YouTube link for for Lenovo's Moto G launch event is up

    Lenovo and Motorola will be hosting their own launch event for the upcoming Moto G in less than 12 hours (UK time = 10:30, San Francisco time = 2:30). The live stream page on YouTube is already up so be sure to bookmark it for easy access.
  4. Android News

    DEAL: You can get the 3rd generation Moto G at Amazon for $150

    Amazon is knocking $30 off the already inexpensive price of the 3rd generation Motorola Moto G. This brings the device down from $180 to $150 and it comes with free shipping too.
  5. Android News

    Motorola's 2nd Generation Moto G is starting to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the US

    We've already seen this device receive its Marshmallow update in both India and Brazil. we're starting to see users report that their United States model is also being updated to Android 6.0 now. Be careful though, some have said they are getting a "no command" recovery error after the update...
  6. Android News

    DEAL: Grab 2 16GB Moto G smartphones from Motorola for $400

    Motorola is holding a little promotion for those who are in the market for two smartphones. This could be two smartphones for yourself(everyone should have a backup), or one for yourself and one you'd like to give away or sell. The promotion is up right now at Moto Maker and it will continue...
  7. Android News

    Motorola's 2016 Moto G and Moto X shown off in leaked image

    A handful of leaked images have surfaced, revealing the back panels of the upcoming 2016 Moto G and Moto X. The Moto G looks to sport colorful pack panel options while the high-end Moto X appears to have different color metal backings.
  8. Android News

    DEAL: £80 discount on Moto 360 and Moto G bundle in the UK

    Motorola UK is offering a Valentine's Day bundle with the Moto G and Moto 360 for only £298 - £80 less than list price for the two devices if purchased separately. The deal is available now until 11:59PM on February 5.
  9. Android News

    DEAL: Motorola announces their Valentine’s Day promotion

    The Valentine’s promotion that Motorola just announced starts today and will last through until February 16th. - If you buy a Moto 360 with a metal band, you'll get a free leather band with your order. - If you buy a Moto G, you'll get 2 additional shells for free - The Moto X Pure Edition...
  10. Android News

    Motorola is now soak testing Android 6.0 on the 2nd Gen Moto G in Brazil and India

    David Schuster of Motorola has just announced a new Marshmallow soak test for the 2nd generation Motorola Moto G. This soak test is for Android 6.0 and it is happening in both India and Brazil right now.
  11. Android News

    The 2nd generation Moto G is getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow in India

    Earlier today it was announced that the Moto G Turbo Edition was receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow and now we learn that the 2nd edition Moto is also receiving the OTA update as well.
  12. Android News

    Moto G and Moto X Play get prices in India

    Motorola has dropped the prices of the Moto G and Moto X Play in india. The discounts amount to about $30, and they're available exclusively through Flipkart.
  13. Android News

    DEAL: 2nd Generation Moto G is on Sale for $99.99 at BestBuy

    You can get the unlocked, US variant of the 2nd generation Motorola Moto G2 at Best Buy for $50 off the retail price. This puts the 2014 Moto G at $99.99 instead of the $149.99 price that it usually sells for...
  14. Android News

    Android 6.0 Kernel Source Code for the 2015 Motorola Moto G is Now Available

    Motorola has just released the kernel source for the 2015 Moto G on their GitHub page.
  15. E

    Motorola Says the Moto G and Moto E Aren't Going Anywhere

    There have been reports citing a Lenovo executive that claims the Moto G and Moto E are being discontinued. The Verge has been in touch with Motorola and they are told that neither of these two devices are going anywhere.
  16. Android News

    Motorola Release Android 6.0 OTA Update for the 2015 Moto G in India

    If you purchased your 2015 Moto G in India, then you can look forward to an OTA update to bring your device up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. These rollouts typically take a few weeks to complete, so you should receive an OTA update notification soon(if you haven't already).
  17. Android News

    Users Report Android 6.0 OTA Update has Started for the 3rd Generation Moto G

    Users with the 3rd generation Moto G are starting to report that the Marshmallow OTA update is being pushed to their devices.
  18. Android News

    Verizon updates the original Moto G to Android 5.1 Lollipop

    Owners of the original Moto G on Verizon may be pleased to learn that Android 5.1 Lollipop is headed your way. The company has published details about its rollout, which means it should find its way to your phone soon.