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motorola moto x pure edition

  1. Android News

    Lenovo announces Android 7.0 Nougat for the Moto X Pure Edition

    Moto X Pure Edition owners can look forward to the big Android 7.0 Nougat update being rolled out to their device over the next couple of weeks.
  2. Android News

    Moto X Pure's Nougat update may be in testing soon

    Owners of the Moto X Pure are receiving notifications that a soak test is ready for deployment. There's no word on what the test firmware is, but there's a good chance this could be the Nougat update users are waiting for.
  3. B

    screen replacement

    My Moto Pure X screen just broke to where I can't use the touch screen to do anything. I really don't want to replace the screen myself (unless there's no other choice). Anyone got a good repair shop I can send this to get it repaired? Thanks for the help. Bill
  4. Android News

    Deal: Moto X Pure Edition 64GB is $250 at Best Buy

    Best Buy's latest deal brings the Moto X Pure Edition down to $250. This is for the 64GB model. The price applies to all colors, but they may be in and out of stock.
  5. codezer0

    So if it is 3gb, why don't I see that?

    This is something that's been nagging on me for a while with Android, but seeing that the mxpe is my current phone, I figure I ask here. Saw an earlier thread of someone that was led to believe a phone had 3gb of RAM but the app called ram truth discovered they were sold a 2gb version. Well, in...
  6. codezer0

    Help Video blacks out on its own

    Not sure how else to put it. Basically, with YouTube app (since I've yet to try it on Netflix or Twitch to see if it exhibits the same behavior) on mine, it will just seem intent to black out (fade out) the video but the audio will still play, even when I'm not near the phone like I was picking...
  7. C

    How do I Connect Moto X Pure to Windows 7 PC and transfer files

    The only way Windows 7 recognizes my phone is if I choose the Transfer photos(PTP) option upon connecting via a USB cable. If i subsequently chose MTP, my phone drops off my Device list. When connected via PTP, I only have access to the DCIM and Pictures folders. I'd like to upload some MP3...
  8. B

    Security Updates

    I looked on my Moto Pure X phone and it shows the latest security update was in May. Lenovo doesn't think we need a more recent security update? I don't care about I don't have the latest OS; I just would like to have more recent security updates on the OS that I do have. This is my last Moto...
  9. Big Tee

    Help I Think I'm in the Twilight Zone!!

    My phone is laying on the table about 3 feet away and starts talking to me! I was talking to my wife about lifting something over my head and then the stupid phone started talkng (I jumped outta my skin-volume maxed!!) telling me all about it as it googled all by Itself!! Then there are...
  10. The_Chief

    Help Will Not Connect to Note 4 by NFC...

    Okay, I snagged a Note 4 off Craigslist - great deal! So I'm setting up the Note 4 and I get to the point where I can hold the phone up to my current phone, which is a Moto X Pure, connect by NFC and transfer stuff over. Great! Problem is, every time I do it, the Moto X Pure starts to connect...
  11. Z

    Help Can't connect to College WIFI

    I have the Moto X Pure XT1575 and had the 7.1 Nougat ROM of AICP and couldn't connect to my college WIFI to connect I have to give my student email which stops at my name for example johndoe and then I have to provide an Anonymous identity and for the password is my date of birth. After that the...
  12. Big Tee

    Help Using way too much data and battery!

    My new VZW Moto X phone is using about twice as much data as my ATT Samsung Galaxy, not to mention a battery hog! I do very little with it since I use my my pc. I use it on the road as a GPS every great while. I use it to scan in stores and research products occasionally and a few more little...
  13. Big Tee

    Problems with new 24.21.3 update?

    Hi, I just bought my new Moto X Pure and and when I activated it there is an update waiting. Is this the 6.0, which I thought it already was or something else? My main concern are there any major problems with this as I've experienced in the past? Thanks in advance!
  14. ToeJamm

    Screen stays black after call.

    I've seen a few posts on the web about the problem I am experiencing so I know I'm not alone. Moto X Pure screen goes black when phone is put to the ear during a call (as it should). However, when the call is finished and I take it away to end the call, the screen stays black and nothing will...
  15. Jfalls63

    Android 7

    Could be sometime in October, maybe. http://www.androidauthority.com/android-7-0-update-679175/
  16. androidlover9

    Help Need help restoring to stock

    Does anyone have a stock Moto X Pure Android 6.0 May Patch Firmware Rom anywhere? I tried some on the site but it couldn't get past the set-up screens or I had other issues. For now I'm using CM 13 to get my phone actually working, it's okay but the bugs annoy me so much and I just want to be...
  17. jkjacob9

    Help Help quick please: Certain apps disappear occasionally while others crash immediately

    On my Moto X Pure running the latest Marshmallow, occasionally a problem occurs where certain apps disappear and other apps crash as soon as they start saying: Unfortunately, "app name" has stopped. Usually a quick restart fixes it. It's the same apps every time, and downloads don't work until...
  18. N

    Using the internet while on the phone?

    Does the Motorola X Pure Edition support the use of the internet while the phone is being used? I had no issue with my Galaxy 4 on Verizon, but this feature doesn't seem to work on the Motorola x Pure Edition on Verizon.....
  19. M

    Something is gobbling my storage space and I don't know what

    I started downloading apps and for some reason the total amount of space taken did not coincide with space taken by all of my files and apps in the internal storage. I started to worry because the storage kept growing for no reason. Therefore, I decided to do a factory reset. At first everything...
  20. DemDog

    Recent Apps not showing on screen

    Hi, My Recent Apps are occasionally going missing when I touch the Recent Apps button on my Moto X Pure. All I get is a message that says that my recent apps will appear here. Have to restart the phone and when I do that it fixes the problem for awhile. Anyone have this problem and perhaps a...
  21. Papamalo

    Moto Voice slow response for camera?

    I am super loving my MXP, and now I am getting down to a few things that have bothered me. One is the moto voice command timing, when I use it with the camera. I work on a security gig, and it's great to mount my phone on my dash mount, and tell it to take a picture. The problem is the 3-second...
  22. Android News

    Deal: Free Moto 360 Sport with purchase of a Moto X Pure Edition

    B&H has a great deal going for the Moto X Pure Edition. The phone itself remains at its current price of $399, but if you buy one you can get a free Moto 360 Sport to go along with it. The sports-centric smartwatch is usually around $200.
  23. Android News

    Deal: Moto X Pure Edition for $250

    B&H has a good deal on the 32GB Moto X Pure Edition. The phone will run you $250, and that also includes $30 worth of additional accessories, including a selfie stick and microSD card.
  24. Papamalo

    Duplicate texts using chomp?

    Hey everyone. Recently, and with no warning, suddenly My Messenger (Chomp) begin sending duplicate, and triplicate texts. Everytime I send a single message, it would send two or three of them to the recipient, while I would receive a message that the message was in fact not sent. I looked at...
  25. Android News

    Moto X Pure Edition update brings May security patch

    The Moto X Pure Edition is getting a quick upgrade that brings the May security patch. This is a bit alarming as the July security fixes have already been sent out by Google. There are no other known changes in this update.