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  1. MoodyBlues

    Will this make you dump Chrome?

    There's a huge vulnerability in Chromium-based browsers--which include not just the obvious Chrome, but Opera, Edge, and most other browsers: Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Chrome Mozilla, the folks behind my default [computer] browser, SeaMonkey, provides a safe...
  2. Android News

    Firefox for Android can now add web apps to your home screen

    The folks over at Mozilla have announced Firefox now features support for Progressive Web Apps, which can now be added as icons to your home screen similarly to Chrome.
  3. Android News

    Firefox 56 spells the end of Flash support

    Firefox version 56 is rolling out. One of the major changes is dropped support for devices running Android 4.1 or earlier, which means Adobe Flash support is no longer possible for the browser.
  4. Android News

    Mozilla's new 'Photon UI' arrives in Firefox Nightly on Android

    The new Photon UI has landed in Firefox Nightly on Android. The full update is set to arrive later this year.
  5. Android News

    Firefox Focus is a new browser on Android

    Mozilla has released a new privacy-focused browser by the name of Firefox Focus.
  6. Android News

    Firefox finally unveils its faster, more memory-efficient browser

    Mozilla has finally unveiled the latest version of Firefox that enables the browser to use multiple processes for tabs for more efficient memory usage. This should make the browser faster on computers and mobile devices.
  7. Android News

    The Firefox Aurora Play Store listing has been replaced with Firefox Nightly

    Last month, we were told that Mozilla would be dropping the Firefox Aurora channel due to a lack of people using the software. Today, it has been revealed that the application page in the Play Store for Firefox Aurora has been replaced with Firefox Nightly builds for developers.
  8. Android News

    This addon fixes Firefox's issue with playing YouTube in the background

    Firefox users have been used to playing YouTube videos in the background, but a recent change has prevented this from happening. However, there's now an addon that you can install that will enable this functionality again.
  9. Android News

    A former CTO of Mozilla admits that Chrome won

    A Firefox marketing member recently wrote in a blog post that while he works for Mozilla, he uses Chrome every day. So in response, a former CTO of Mozilla says it's okay to admit you use Chrome because Chrome won.
  10. Android News

    Hands-on with Firefox Focus, the privacy browser from Mozilla, says it's extremely basic right now

    Mozilla has announced that Firefox Focus is now being ported to Android and Android Police just compiled an early build of it to test things out. The privacy browser uses a modified version of the Disconnect.me public anti-tracking list to block websites from tracking you.
  11. Android News

    Mozilla has updated their Servo rendering engine to support WebVR with Daydream

    Servo is Mozilla's new rendering engine that they've been working on lately. Yesterday, the company announced this engine now supports WebVR 1.1 complete with asynchronous reprojection to achieve low-latency rendering.
  12. Android News

    Some versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera can trick you into thinking a website is apple.com

    While this is fixed in Chrome version 58, it has been discovered that some web browsers will display the domain https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/ as https://www.apple.com. This works because Punycode makes it possible to register domains with foreign characters and this is what is tricking web...
  13. Android News

    Firefox is dropping Aurora channel

    Mozilla has announced that they're dropping Firefox's Aurora channel due to lack of users. The Aurora channel was like the Canary channel for Chrome, situated between nightly releases and beta releases. Now, the only channels Firefox will have are nightly, beta, and stable.
  14. Android News

    The AT&T version of the LG G6 has Firefox pre-installed on it

    It has been confirmed that Mozilla and AT&T have partnered up to pre-install Firefox on their version of the LG G6.
  15. Android News

    Mozilla has announced they've acquired Pocket

    Pocket is a well known application for when you want to save something to read later (basically an online bookmark tool). The service has just been acquired by Mozilla with reasons being confirmed as being both ideological and pragmatic.
  16. Android News

    Mozilla is shutting down its connected devices division, laying off ~50 people

    Mozilla has tried to branch out from their web browser roots and tackle connected devices like smartphones and IoT devices like smart TVs. This plan hasn't worked out though as they've just announced they'll be terminating their entire connected devices division.
  17. Android News

    Mozilla announces version 50 of Firefox, supports HLS videos and more

    Mozilla just hit a new milestone today with the 50th release of their famous web browser, Firefox. The update is being rolled out via the Play Store and comes with the following changes. . . New - Added support for HLS videos via player overlay Changed - Simplified the user interface by...
  18. Android News

    Project Quantum is an improved rendering engine for Firefox from Mozilla

    The team at Mozilla have just announced a new rendering engine for Firefox. The engine has been dubbed Project Quantum, and they tell us that some of Project Quantum's improvements will make its way to Firefox by the end of 2017.
  19. Android News

    Latest update to Firefox for Android adds an offline viewing mode

    Mozilla has just announced a new version Firefox and while most of the new features are for the desktop version, they do talk about a new feature for Android. If you ever worry about needing access to a website when you don't have an internet connection, the latest version of Firefox will now...
  20. Android News

    You can play YouTube videos in the background with Firefox

    Google wants you to pay a subscription to YouTube Red to gain the ability to listen to YouTube audio in the background of your smartphone. However, if you open up the video within Mozilla's Firefox application, then you can press the home button on your phone and the video will continue playing...
  21. Android News

    Mozilla releases stable build of Firefox v47 for Android

    Mozilla released the beta of Firefox version 47 for Android back at the end of April and now the company has settled on a stable build for the web browser. Version 48 is being pushed out to devices right now via the Play Store and it includes the following changes. . . New: - Add "Show/Hide...
  22. Android News

    Firefox for Android v46 gets Android 6.0 permissions, drops support for Honeycomb and more

    The developers behind Firefox for Android have just pushed out the latest update and it includes the following changes. . . - Notifications about tabs opened in the background now list the URLs - Top Sites panel now lists popular sites by default - Previously cached pages will be displayed...
  23. Android News

    Firefox v45 gives users control over which images to view, camera and microphone toggles and more

    Mozilla has just announced a new update to their Firefox for Android application. This update brings your version up to 45 and comes with the following changes. . . New - Click-to-view Images option in the menu’s advanced settings lets users choose which images on the Web they download to...
  24. Android News

    Big names in the tech industry join together to file an amicus brief in support of Apple

    A lot of the companies siding with Apple are direct competitors to them, or to each other, but that isn't stopping them from coming together to protect consumer data. Companies like Amazon.com, Box, Cisco, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, Mozilla, Nest Labs, Pinterest, Slack, Snapchat...
  25. Android News

    Firefox OS development by Mozilla to end

    Firefox OS, an open source competitor to Android will no longer be developed by Mozilla. The operating system never will likely live on as a community project, but Mozilla will no longer spend any if it's resources to push the OS forward.