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music player

  1. E

    Accessories Music Player with Android Auto Compatibility 2022

    Music Player - MP3 Player is an android device application that allows you to listen to music offline and supports all types of audio file formats like .MP3, .AAC, .WAV etc. This smart media player includes a built-in video player, a built-in Youtube player, and a powerful equaliser that...
  2. A

    Help [SOLVED] Music player that auto records bookmark?

    I’ve got various music player apps on my droid (Android 11, Samsung A71). Some of them have the feature of automatically creating and updating a “Recently Played” playlist. I like this feature. But they don’t ‘bookmark’ where I was in the song I was playing. They only start the Recently Played...
  3. V

    Player4u Lite - Mp4 HD Videos

    Player4u lite - Mp4 HD Videos is an app which provides us feature of Video player and Music player both. This Video Player app can support all Video and Audio formats including 4K, Mp4 HD videos, Ultra HD, MKV and AVI. Along with that this Player4u Lite - MP4 HD Player app comes with a lot of...
  4. July Hoang


    In addition to managing songs by Song, Playlist, Artists, Albums, you can manage music files easily with Folder. The folder helps you manage files quickly and easily. ➡️ Download now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eco.musicplayer.audioplayer.music ---------- Contact us: -...
  5. July Hoang

    Have you used the music player's equalizer?

    Have you tried using the equalizer feature of the Music player - Mp3 player app? I usually use the equalizer to adjust the songs to my own style. Adjust to genres: Hip-hop, jazz... sounds quite interesting. Please try it out. Link download app...
  6. July Hoang


    [NEW] MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH COLORFUL THEMES Happy Christmas, with Music player feel the exciting Christmas songs. Download now Music player - Mp3 player to listen to interesting music Music player presents you Top 10 famous Christmas songs: 1. Last Christmas 2. We wish you a Merry Christmas 3...
  7. July Hoang

    New music player app for Android 2021

    With the love for music, we would like to introduce to you Music player - Mp3 Player , which helps you listen to music in the most wonderful way. Music player main features - Support reading multiple files: Mp3, FLAC, WAV, AAC... - 17 unique colorful skins - 6 art music playback interfaces -...
  8. Music player - Mp3 Player

    Music player - Mp3 Player

    Unlimited music player with #1 music app 2021 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eco.musicplayer.audioplayer.music
  9. Brock724

    Help One album splits into two

    Both albums appear to have the same metadata, yet they will not merge The only place where albums merge is VLC imgur.com/a/n7Qb8jW here is a link to the songs if anyone wants to test this themselves https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1BNzkFguQsgOwnd2hOnlL4WaTs5JfwMhC Any help appreciated!
  10. moahmemdalaazaki

    PASS player: music player app - video media player

    PASS player is a powerful player of all music player and video player formats for your mobile phone. It supports an MP3 player and the best free video player. You can view the music by some convenient categories: song title, artist, album. When you download the video player that is integrated...
  11. A

    Help LG G3 Music Pauses with headphones, but not bluetooth...

    Hey all, My google play music pauses randomly whenever I use headphones or just listen through the phones speakers. For some reason, when I'm connected to a bluetooth device it never skips a beat.... HELP A GUY OUT!!! Thanks
  12. A

    Help Music keeps stopping

    When im listening to music by bluetooth and try to browse other apps my music cuts about about 30 seconds to a minuite later. So i keep having to go back and press play again. It works fine when im not using my bluetooth but idk
  13. M

    Help Music players not playing music

    Whenever I go to play a sound on Phonograph (my music player), everything functions normally until I press on the song. Then, the bar that shows the song's time works, but no audio plays. When I try to change the volume at this time, it lags behind, and I have to basically quit the app for...
  14. Android News

    A list of 10 popular Android applications and why you shouldn't use them

    Dan of MakeUseOf has put together a list of 10 very popular Android applications and he gives a brief explanation as to why you'll probably want to avoid installing them on your smartphone or tablet. The list includes QuickPic, ES File Explorer, US Browser, CLEAN it, Music Player, DU Battery...