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  1. Android News

    Google announces Nearby Connections 2.0

    Google has announced version 2.0 of Nearby Connections. It'll add full offline capabilities and now works with more bandwidth. Nearby Connections uses WiFi, Bluetooth LE & Classic Bluetooth under the hood to discover and establish connections to nearby devices.
  2. U

    Google formally launches Nearby

    Google today launched Nearby. It's a software feature that helps your device detect apps and information that might be useful to them when they visit certain places or are near certain objects. For instance, walking into a CVS store could trigger a notification that tells you that CVS has an...
  3. Android News

    User spots History and Nearby tabs under the Google search bar

    A user on /r/Android has spotted two tabs under the Google search bar (presumably after tapping inside the search bar). There's a tab for History and a tab for Nearby, which uses Android's new Nearby API beacons to give you a list of broadcasts sorted via categories like ATMs, Coffee, etc.
  4. Android News

    Family app sharing, Nearby apps, hinted for Android in Google Play Services v8.4 update

    Google Play Services has been updated for v8.4 and with it comes many code-level changes that indicate huge updates on the way. Among them are Family Sharing plans for apps and other Play Store purchases, the ability to "invite" nearby people to apps you're using, and development improvements...