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    Deal: Super Mario Run’s Full Game In-App Purchase Down 50% to $4.99

    The in-app purchase (IAP) inside of Super Mario Run that unlocks the full game is typically priced at $9.99. Today, though, the price is set to $4.99, making it 50% off.
  2. Android News

    Fire Emblem Heroes generated almost $300 million in revenue in its first year

    A new report claims that Fire Emblem Heroes generated $300 million in revenue in its first year. This is almost five times the amount generated by Super Mario Run (~$56 million).
  3. Android News

    Nintendo will pull the plug on 'Miitomo' in May

    Before Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there was Miitomo. A sort of social network in disguise, it was Nintendo's first push into mobile gaming on iOS and Android, but now the company has announced it will shut down May 9th.
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    'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' adds gardening

    In a forthcoming Animal Crossing update you'll be able to start crafting clothes like shirts, pants and shoes. Players will also gain access to a garden.
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    Nintendo Wii, GameCube games come to China on NVIDIA Shield

    As revealed by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Nintendo is teaming up with NVIDIA to release some of its Wii and Gamecube games in China for the first time. The games will run on the NVIDIA SHIELD. NVIDIA confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and...
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    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launches November 22nd

    Nintendo has announced the release date for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's arriving November 22nd, just in time for holiday travelers. The game will be available globally.
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    'Super Mario Run’ has been downloaded more than 200 million times

    Nintendo has confirmed that Super Mario Run has passed 200 million downloads, with over 90% of those outside of Japan.
  8. Android News

    'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' launches on smartphones in November

    Nintendo has revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, their next mobile game. The game will be out for Android users at some point in November, and you can pre-register today.
  9. Android News

    Super Mario Run drops to $5

    Super Mario Run drops to $5 -- a 50% discount -- for a limited time. With that, the game has also been updated with new courses called Remix 10. Completing these courses allows you to unlock Daisy as a playable character.
  10. Android News

    Super Mario Run gets a new character, mode, and world on September 29th

    Nintendo will issue a new update to its iOS and Android game Super Mario Run on September 29th, which will include a new world, mode, and playable character.
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    Nintendo Switch Online app shows up on the Play Store, but it doesn't work yet

    Nintendo Switch Online is the online service for Nintendo's latest console, which will become a paid service sometime in 2018. One major component of that service, the companion mobile app, is now available for download, though it doesn't work yet. At launch, you can use the app to voice chat...
  12. Android News

    Pokeland is another Pokemon mobile game

    Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are testing Pokeland in Japan. It's a new Pokemon mobile game that takes on Pokemon Rumble's art style and and brawling gameplay.
  13. Android News

    Hands-on with the new Pokemon: Magikarp Jump game calls it a solid spin-off

    Earlier today we learned about a new Pokemon game called Magikarp Jump and Android Police just went hands-on with it. They felt that even if you aren't a Pokemon fan, you can get some enjoyment out of it as long as you aren't expecting the game to have a lot of depth.
  14. Android News

    Niantic has begun shadowbanning Pokémon Go cheaters

    This past weekend we saw there was a big update to the Pokemon Go application that is focused on curtailing the cheating issue. If caught, you will no longer be banned from playing the game, but instead your account will be flagged and you'll only be able to see common type pokemon.
  15. Android News

    Nintendo is working on a 'Zelda' mobile game

    A new report claims that Nintendo is working on a new mobile game based on 'The Legend of Zelda' and that the game will launch "sometime in 2018".
  16. admyrick

    Super Mario Run has been downloaded almost 150 million times

    Nintendo has shared that Super Mario Run has been downloaded almost 150 million times, but Fire Emblem: Heroes is performing much better financially despite not being downloaded anywhere near as much.
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    The first Super Mario Run update adds Google Play achievements

    Super Mario Run has received its first update on the Play Store and increases the maximum number of Toads that can live in your kingdom, along with adding Google Play achievements and other bug fixes.
  18. Android News

    Everything you need to know about Super Mario Run for Android

    Now that Super Mario Run has been released on Android, Marc from Android Central takes a look at the game to give you all the information about Super Mario Run before purchasing.
  19. E

    Super Mario Run launches a day early in the Play Store

    For a while, we've been able to pre-register for Super Mario Run, but we couldn't download it. It was then announced that it would be launched on March 23rd, but it seems they went ahead and jumped the gun a day early.
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    Nintendo wanted to tap Cyanogen for the Switch software

    Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster revealed that Nintendo wanted to use Android, and Cyanogen, as the base software on the Switch. However, McMaster turned the offer down.
  21. Android News

    Super Mario Run will be launched for Android on March 23rd

    We were previously told that Super Mario Run would be available on Android sometime in March. We just didn't know the exact date until tonight. It's been announced it will be launched on March 23rd and you can still pre-register for it right now.
  22. Android News

    Pokemon Go will have legendary Pokemon by the end of the year

    We first heard about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go back in August with an APK teardown but now we have some official information about it. It has been revealed that the first legendary Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Go before the end of the year.
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    Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers act as Bluetooth controllers on Android

    The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers can act as standard Bluetooth controllers on platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android. You can use mapping programs to have them behave the way you want to.
  24. Android News

    The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app is already live on the Play Store

    Nintendo has released its Parental Controls application for the Nintendo Switch onto the Play Store ahead of the console's official release.
  25. Android News

    Niantic talks about Pokemon Go Ingress at MWC 2017

    Representatives from Niantic are at MWC this year and they are talking about both Pokemon Go as well as Ingress. Along with talking about future updates, we learned that Pokemon Go players have captured 88 million Pokemon, they've used 44 petabytes of mobile data, and that the company is working...