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note 4

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    Every reboot starts with "Android is upgrading"

    This is a Note 4 (unlocked from AT&T, running Android 5.0.1). Yes, it's a few years old but I use it only as a pocket-sized drawing tablet and it has worked mostly great for that purpose (using ArtFlow), up to a year or so ago. Since that time there were problems that made me stop using it...
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    Help Galaxy Note 4 & Motion Sickness

    I need some help guys. I've just got a Galaxy Note 4 and started using it and finding I'm getting really motion sick - dizzy, nauseous, and headache. It's running android 6. It's like it's running too fast, scrolling through the settings or switching through screens and apps really throw me off...
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    Help My Note 4 has limited service?

    I had my galaxy note 4 for about a year and ine the past two weeks, it has been saying limited service on the lock screen. There is also a vrossed out circle symbol where the 4g symbol would be in the notification bar. When I click settings then status, it recognizes that i have T Mobile but it...
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    Help Note 4 for cricket

    I recently jumped ship from verizon to cricketwireless. I had a note 4 from verizon. I inserted my new SIM card from cricket into the verizon note4. Calls and text seem to function but my internet doesn't. Any suggestions on how to get everything to work? Internet picture text etcetera... thanks
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    Help Note 4 SD card issue

    Hello all, I have a Note 4 (SM-N910T on stock rooted 5.0.1) that suddenly started having issues with a specific microSD card. The card works perfectly in my computer and my S4, and my Note 4 can read other cards without issue. So it seems to be an issue with this specific card in this specific...
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    Help My note 4 keeps restarting on its own please help

    My note 4 keeps restarting on its own and won't open unless it's plugged in although it's fully charged. After it turns off and I plug it in it opens and then if I tried to take the charger off it will restart again on its own. I tried taking the battery out and putting it back but the problem...
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    Help Moved user app to system app, now cannot launch / find app

    I've searched everywhere and cannot find a solution. I have android 5.1.1 rooted, have moved an app from user app to system app. Have tried moving numerous apps from regular to system, they always dissapear... Tried two ways via es file explorer: moving just base.apk from downloaded app to...
  8. Android News

    Telus announces Marshmallow rollout dates for Galaxy S5 and Note 4

    If you're on Telus and are still rocking the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4, then we have some great news for you. The Canadian carrier has announced that the two flagships from 2014 will be 5 getting some Marshmallow love. The Marshmallow rollout for the Galaxy S5 will begin on May 2nd, while the...