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    Help disabling data roaming on Nokia 6.1 (Android 10)

    I'm in Japan with my Nokia 6.1, running Android 10. My service provider is o2 (in the UK). I am using a pocket wi-fi to connect my phone to data services. I've done everything I can find to disable network data: Settings / Network & Internet / Mobile network / Mobile data: OFF Settings /...
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    Get 50GB of data for the price of 10GB and more with the OnePlus 5T on O2

    UK carrier, O2, is offering a bundle for the OnePlus 5T which includes extra data and free Xbox Live Gold membership when you buy the device on a new contract.
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    O2 eases roaming strain by secretly throttling data speeds

    With roaming fees abolished throughout Europe, the UK's O2 network has been secretly throttling data speeds of roamers.
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    O2 UK is now taking pre-orders for the OnePlus 5

    O2 UK has announced it has started accepting pre-orders for the OnePlus 5, offering the device for £10 upfront and then £34/£36 a month for two years.
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    O2 is bringing free 1 Gbps Wi-Fi to London

    O2 has announced that those working or residing within London's "Square Mile" will receive free 1 Gbps Wi-Fi starting this Fall.
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    Sapphire Blue Moto G5 is now available in the UK

    The Moto G5 in Sapphire Blue is officially available for purchase in the UK. O2 is selling the device for free on plans starting at £19/month.
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    O2 will sell the OnePlus 3T exclusively in the UK starting at £417.99

    O2 has announced it will carry the OnePlus 3T exclusively in the UK, starting at £417.99. The phone will be available for pre-order starting November 17th, with the street date set for November 28th. Those who don't want to purchase the device outright can also opt to pay £31 a month for the...
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    You can now buy the OnePlus 3 directly from O2

    Toward the end of last month we learned that O2 would start to sell the OnePlus 3 soon, and now that time has come. Right now you can get the OnePlus 3 from them starting at £28 a month on O2’s Refresh tariff, with no upfront cost.
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    OnePlus 3 will be available exclusively at O2 in the UK

    OnePlus and O2 in the UK have worked out a partnership which will put the onePlus 3 into O2's stores and website. The phone will be available for free for O2 customers when paired with a £28 per month plan which comes with 500MB of data. Those who purchase the OnePlus 3 from O2 will also be...
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    You can now pre-order the Sony Xperia X in the UK

    Mobiles UK is now accepting pre-sales for the Sony Xperia X. The company is selling the phone with Vodafone plans starting at £32 per month, or on O2 UK plans starting at £28 per month with a £25 down payment.
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    Europe blocks Three and O2 merger

    The proposed merger between Three and O2 UK have been blocked by regulators in Europe. The deal was blocked for largely the same reason that many big telecommunications deals are: the EU Commission felt that it would have resulted in less competition and higher prices.
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    LG Stylus 2 with DAB radio launches at O2 UK

    O2 UK customers can now buy the LG Stylus 2. This mid-range device is ordinary in many areas, but it does come with a neat feature: DAB radio. DAB is a digital radio standard that is becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. The region expects DAB to completely replace analog radio at some...