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oneplus 2

  1. Android News

    OnePlus 2 October security patch includes KRACK fix

    The OnePlus 2 is now getting its October security patch. Alongside the month's standard fixes and unnamed bug fixes, the changelog specifically points out an incoming fix for the WPA2 vulnerability known as KRACK.
  2. Android News

    OnePlus 2 is getting OxygenOS 3.5.9

    OnePlus has posted an update for the OnePlus 2, bringing it to OxygenOS 3.5.9.
  3. Android News

    OnePlus 2 won't ever get Nougat

    OnePlus has come out to confirm that the device will be laid to rest on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Users had been hoping for a Nougat launch at some point, but it seems those expectations can now be laid to rest.
  4. Android News

    Man-in-the-Middle attack on OnePlus devices allows for an attacker to downgrade your software

    If you have any of OnePlus' devices on the latest version of the software available, then they are all vulnerable to a Man-in-the-Middle attack. This attack would intercept the OTA update request and replace it with an older version of the software. This wouldn't cause the phone to factory reset...
  5. Android News

    OnePlus 2 owners grow upset with the lack of a Nougat update and no response from OnePlus

    Back in June, OnePlus said the OnePlus 2 would receive the Nougat update sometime in the future. Fans have been constantly asking about it in the forums but even the latest beta for the device was only with Marshmallow and the company has refused to talk about the update.
  6. Android News

    OnePlus updates the OnePlus 2 with March's security patches

    Many people with the OnePlus 2 are still waiting for their Nougat update, but the latest OTA update comes with the following changes. . . - Updated Google security patch to 1st March 2017 - Fixed echo issue during video calls in Duo App - Fixed persistent network drop issues - Fixed data...
  7. Android News

    OnePlus releases a hotfix OTA update for the OnePlus 2

    Last week, OnePlus pushed the latest version of OxygenOS to owners of the OnePlus 2. However, this update caused some owners to suffer from random network drops. Now, OnePlus has pushed the OxygenOS 3.5.6 hotfix OTA update to correct this issue.
  8. lulabybreathe

    Help! My oneplus2 water damage

    My oneplus2 slashed water,now the screen have watermark,what can I do? So upset!
  9. Android News

    Some people are having network issues with the OnePlus 2 and Oxygen OS 3.5.5

    OnePlus recently pushed out Oxygen OS 3.5.5 to the OnePlus 2, but many people are reporting network connectivity issues after the update has been installed.
  10. Android News

    The latest OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 2 adds VoLTE support

    OnePlus has pushed version 3.5.5 of OxygenOS for the OnePlus 2. This update includes various bug fixes, as well as VoLTE functionality and the December security update.
  11. M

    Issue with screen repair

    I replaced the screen and since then when I try to boot the device I get to a screen that says powered by android and then after it bypasses that screen the screen goes completely dark and afterwords once it has finished booting up I can use the buttons and it has sound(my alarm went off) and...
  12. Scoobaru555

    Text white and black lined

    I got a Oneplus 2 and recently my phone has a little issue. Text is white and has a black outer line. How do I change it to the original. see photo
  13. Android News

    Part 2 of the Carl Pei interview talks about the OnePlus X, software updates and more

    In the second part of the Carl Pei interview that was conducted over on XDA, we get to read what Carl has to say about past and future software updates, why they left the OnePlus X behind, how people feel about the new UX changes and what the future holds for OnePlus.
  14. Android News

    An interview with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei talks about the OnePlus 3, the Google Pixel and more

    Aamir from XDA had a chance to sit down and interview Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus. During the interview they discuss how the company bounced back from the OnePlus 2, what Carl thinks about the Google Pixel launch, how the company feels about the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and more.
  15. Android News

    Amazon is offering discounts on unlocked devices such as the OnePlus 2, Moto G4 Plus, and more

    Amazon is offering a special for the next two days that takes various percentages off of devices such as the OnePlus 2 ($240), Nextbit Robin ($200), ASUS Zenfone 2 ($200), Moto G4 Plus ($250), and more.
  16. Android News

    Rumor claims developers leaving OnePlus was the reason Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS are merging

    Android Central is reporting that a number of software developers from OnePlus ended up leaving the company right when the OnePlus 3 shipped. They are being told (by unnamed sources) that this is the reason why OnePlus has been forced into merging Oxygen OS with Hydrogen OS.
  17. Android News

    OnePlus 2 will get VoLTE support

    OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus 2 is getting VoLTE support soon. The feature will arrive as part of a software upgrade. No other details were given at this time.
  18. Android News

    OxygenOS 3.1.0 rollout for the OnePlus 2 begins today

    OnePlus has announced that it has begun rolling out OxygenOS 3.1.0 to all OnePlus 2 handsets. The update is incremental, so some users will get it before others. Headlining this update is fixes for notification issues, improved doze mode performance, media sound toggle for alert slider, August...
  19. Android News

    OnePlus is still sending your IMEI number over an unsecured connection when you check for updates

    If you have any OnePlus smartphone, the device is sending your IMEI number over a standard HTTP POST command (instead of opting for HTTPS) when it checks for an update. So if anyone is on the same network as you, and they're monitoring the traffic, they could steal your IMEI number if your...
  20. Android News

    DEAL: Pick up a new OnePlus 2 for $240 on eBay

    Spending $400 on the OnePlus 3 may seem like a steal to some, but if you don't have that much cash saved up, you can pick up a new OnePlus 2 on eBay for $240. Over 220 units have already sold and the eBay selling in question has a 99.3% positive feedback rating.
  21. Android News

    DEAL: eBay has the OnePlus 2 on sale for only $240

    OnePlus changed a lot with their design of the OnePlus 3. If that isn't for you, and you're looking for a deal, then eBay has a good price on the OnePlus 2. Right now, you can pick up the OnePlus 2, in new condition, on eBay for only $240.
  22. TheGreenCreepers

    Help Need Oneplus Two phone fixed, paying.

    I accidently deleted my OS on My oneplus two, i'm paying 20$ to anyone. Who can flash CM 12 or 13 on it. I can boot into TWRP recovery and fastboot easily. Gonna do it over Teamviewer or something you decide :-D Method: BTC, PP, Amazon Giftcard or anything you can buy with a CC.
  23. Android News

    SlimRom 6 now supports the OnePlus 2, OnePlus X and Nexus 5X

    Popular custom ROM, SlimRom, has just released SlimRom Alpha 0.2. Along with it are some new features, as well as support for the OnePlus 2, OnePlus X and Nexus 5X.
  24. Android News

    Comparison between the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 2

    Pocketnow just uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that focuses on whether or not you should upgrade to the OnePlus 3 from the OnePlus 2. There are some aesthetic differences between the two devices, but hardware and build quality is better on the OnePlus 3 when compared to last year's model.
  25. Android News

    Quick comparison between the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 2

    A number of Android publications were able to get their hands on an early review unit of the OnePlus 3 and we're already seeing reviews for it. Android Authority just published a quick comparison article to show off the differences between the OnePlus 3 and its predecessor.