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    My opinion of Amfilm S23+ screenprotector

    Here is what I think about it so far, It comes with 1 replacement, life-time warranty of 2 more screen protectors. Putting it on: 1. Fingerprint sensor perfectly working. 2. mounting frame was very easy to use. 3. touch is slightly harder around the edges, but turning increased sensitivity to...
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    Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

    Phandroid also has a different page up that details some of the best cases for the regular Galaxy S8 as well. This includes cases like the Spigen Thin Fit, Nillkin Lightweight, Bear Motion and more.
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    Here are some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

    Phandroid has a list up that shows off some of the best cases available right now for the Galaxy S8+. This includes items such as the Caseology Vault, Olixar Ultra-Thin, Olixar ArmourDillo and more.
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    A summary of how dual camera smartphones became popular, and what the future could hold

    XDA has a history lesson about dual camera modules in smartphones and how things have gotten to where they are today. The writer then predicts what this trend could mean for mobile devices in the future.
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    10 things every Moto Z and Moto Z Force user should do

    Kellen of Droid Life has just put together a new list of 10 tips that every new Moto Z and Moto Z Force user should do when they first get their device. The list includes tips like setting up a fingerprint for security, setting up Moto Display, camera tricks and more.
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    One insider thinks bargain flagship smartphones won't be around much longer

    Nick from Phandroid wrote an opinion piece on the $400 flagships that can compete with phones that cost twice as much. His belief is that they won't last long due to businesses eventually looking to grow, with evidence being Xiaomi and OnePlus gradually increasing the cost of their flagships...
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    Unique ways that Google's Tango can enhance our lives

    Now that the first consumer smartphone that uses Google's Tango technology, some people were wondering what they can do with it. Quentyn of Phandroid has put together a list of 6 different ways Tango can change out world.
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    A list of 10 popular Android applications and why you shouldn't use them

    Dan of MakeUseOf has put together a list of 10 very popular Android applications and he gives a brief explanation as to why you'll probably want to avoid installing them on your smartphone or tablet. The list includes QuickPic, ES File Explorer, US Browser, CLEAN it, Music Player, DU Battery...
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    Some of the best cases for the HTC 10

    Joe of Phandroid has been looking over the vast amount of cases that you can get for the HTC 10. After checking out a number of them, he's put together a list of 13 of the best cases you can buy right now for the HTC 10.
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    Benchmark scores should never be taken at face value

    Vlad of The Verge talks about how much emphasis is put on benchmark scores when they really shouldn't be. He gives a few examples like the HTC 10 and Galaxy S7 receives the same DxOMark score for camera quality when, in his experience, that simply isn't the case. Benchmarks can be helpful at...
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    Some of the best cases for the LG G5

    Joe from Phandroid has put together a list of some great cases that you might be interested in if you're a new LG G5 owner.
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    HTC may be poised to take the spotlight from Motorola

    JR Raphael of Computerworld just published an opinion piece explaining why he feels Motorola has lost their edge and how HTC looks to be ready to take their spot.
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    The falling prices of flagship level smartphones

    As competition heats up, prices are bound to go down because companies want to attract new customers. Ron from Ars Technica takes a look at the invasion of the $400 flagship smartphones and how it can effect the industry in the long run.
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    Reasons why you might want to upgrade from the LG G4 to the LG G5

    When a new smartphone is released a lot people want to know if it's a good idea to upgrade from last year's model. Joe of Phandroid takes a look at the LG G4 and the LG G5 so he can give us 7 reasons why he feels the G5 is worth upgrading to from the G4.
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    With wireless carriers charging an extra fee for cellular smartwatches, are they worth it?

    Smartwatches are gaining more features as time goes on and one of the latest features is the ability to connect to cellular towers on their own. Russell from Android Central takes a look at the one thing that seems to be holding this category of smartwatches back for some. The fact that...
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    Analysis of Android's on-screen navigation buttons

    Martim from Android Police takes a look at the on-screen navigation buttons on Android. He gives us a ton of data points that suggest on-screen navigation buttons do not decrease its bezel size and says maybe physical buttons might be the better way to go from a user experience perspective.
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    A few smartphone etiquette tips for the digital age

    More and more people are getting smartphones every day but there are some basic etiquette tips that everyone should know. Edgar from Android Authority did a little opinion piece about this that includes things like. . . - Putting the phone away during dinner or social engagements - Not going...
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    Design analysis of the new Android N notification panel

    There's an opinion piece up on Medium from Raveesh Bhalla where they go over the new design style of Android N's notification panel. They talk about the new notification features coming with the next version of Android, but they also analyze it from a design and user experience perspective to...
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    Is the Gear VR good enough to increase the sales of Samsung smartphones?

    With the HTC Vive and Oculus prices being revealed, it's clear that VR is going to be expensive. Russell from Android Central has an opinion piece up that talks about whether or not the Gear VR is good enough to sell Samsung smartphones.
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    Some of the best cases, chargers and accessories for the Galaxy S7

    Joe from Phandroid put together a list of some of the best chargers, cases and miscellaneous accessories for Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S7.
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    HTC has a lot of work ahead of them if they want to stand out from the crowd in 2016

    Alex from Android Central just published an opinion piece talking about the troubles they face in 2016. The main point is about the smartphone market being so crowded and competition being higher than ever. Now, a company has to do more than just create great hardware to be noticed.
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    Some Gear VR games that are worth checking out

    Russell and the Android Central forums recently compiled a list of some Samsung Gear VR games that you might want to look into trying. The list includes Dreadhalls, Anshar Wars 2, Protocol Zero, Keep Talking and No One Explodes and lastly Herobound: Spirit Champion.
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    Music streaming services compared, Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access

    Joe of Android Authority takes a look at three big players in Android's online music streaming service. . .Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access He feels Google Play Music All Access wins because it also gives you access to YouTube Red and this alone gives the user so much more...
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    Confirmed, rumored and expected features for Android N

    Kris of Android Authority has put together a list of features he believes are confirmed, rumored and expected for the upcoming release of Android N. They make a lot of assumptions in the "confirmed" list, but there have been plenty of features teased that we could see in the next version of...
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    How the LG G5's modularity could be exactly what it needs to differentiate itself from the rest

    Alex of Android Central takes a look at the rumors surrounding the modular design of LG's upcoming LG G5. He feels it could be vital for the company to stay fresh in a market that is growing more competitive as each month passes.