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  1. G

    Help Using OTG for SD Card backup

    Hello All, Question: I wish to (image) backup Samsung S10e internal 128G SD card onto a fresh same size SD Card in OTG adapter. I might have exported some apps to the SD card. Is there an app to do this task from the phone? Otherwise : Is it clean to unmount and remove the SD card stick into...
  2. Extended storage options?

    Extended storage options?

    Does anyone know where to find this menu?
  3. kumaranil13k

    How to Connect external M.2 nvme ssd drive with OTG usb hub

    Question How to Connect external M.2 nvme ssd drive with OTG usb hub I want to take constant nandroid backup of system userdata boot sdext2 external micro card through twrp recovery or any imaging software and want to store apk data backup and nandroid backup in the external USB hdd Some...
  4. JustMeCanoe

    Help Games not working with USB controller (OTG)

    I just recently got a new Galaxy a71 and have wanted to play some games on it, but the controller just isn't working. The games I have tried it with are: Don't Starve pocket edition, Stardew Valley, and Dead by Daylight mobile. (None of these would do anything with the controller) However, I...