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    Samsung files patent for pull-to-expand smartphone display

    Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone display that expands when you pull on the sides. According to the patent, this system actually consists of three panels. The main display is all you can see in "phone mode." To get a wider screen, you'd just grab the left and right sides of the phone...
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    Samsung patents a way for smartwatches to measure blood pressure

    A patent shows that Samsung may have figured out a way to take a blood pressure measurement with a light sensor similar to the heart rate sensors. The patent drawings show a watch, called Samsung Gear X (not to be confused with Gear IconX). The watch appears as a first-gen Samsung smartwatch...
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    Samsung's latest patent authenticates via measuring blood flow

    Samsung has patented a new technique for measuring a person's blood flow patterns to use as an authentication technique.
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    Samsung patent says future selfie cameras may sit behind the screen

    A Samsung patent shows a device where many components live under the surface of the display – including the earpiece, the proximity and ambient light sensors, and even cameras.
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    Huawei patents touch-sensitive bezel for smartwatches

    A Huawei patent for a touch-sensitive bezel for smartwatches was approved by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). According to the document, the edge of the watch will have eight zones that can send various commands, when triggered in various combinations.
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    Amazon patent describes mirror for trying on virtual clothes

    Amazon has patented a specific type of mirror for trying on virtual clothes.
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    New Samsung Patent Shows a Fully Curved Galaxy Smartphone

    A new patent from Samsung has surfaced that appears to show a fully curved galaxy smartphone, with a display that wraps all the way around the edges.
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    Google patents a motorized Chromebook hinge that can open itself

    Google has patented a motorized Chromebook hinge that is capable of opening itself, according to new documents discovered at the USPTO.
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    Samsung files patent for under-screen fingerprint scanner

    Samsung filed for a patent for the under-screen fingerprint scanner to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) back in April. Today the company received confirmation that the patent got granted. Samsung is not expected to introduce this feature until at least the Galaxy Note 9's launch.
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    Google patent reveals motorized Pixelbook lid

    A new Google patent talks about a motorized Pixelbook lid. This lid would ensure that you wouldn't have to exert as much physical force to use your laptop.
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    New patent details appear to showcase Galaxy X foldable phone

    Several new patents have surfaced that appear to show the user interface for the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone.
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    OPPO patents foldable smartphone design with bendable top

    Would you want to bend over your selfie camera to take shots of the landscape? OPPO's banking on that with this patented foldable smartphone design.
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    Samsung files patent for pressure-sensitive fingerprint scanner

    Samsung has filed a new patent for a pressure-sensitive fingerprint scanner which is built-into the display. It's likely that this will make an appearance on the Galaxy Note 9.
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    Samsung could be working on dual wireless charging pads

    Samsung has patented a dual wireless charging pad. The patented item would seem to work similarly to Apple's, where you can set multiple devices on the pad to charge them at the same time.
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    Samsung was awarded a design patent for bezel-less smartphone with camera cut out

    Essential, Apple, and others are trying something new for the bezel-less phone concept, with a plate for the camera, speaker, and other components cutting into the top of the display while being book-ended by glass. Samsung seemingly submitted a patent for this design in South Korea as early as...
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    Google awarded patent on 2-in-1 laptop design

    Google has patented a wild looking design that may show up in its next laptop. The design is one of a 2-in-1 laptop that could be used as a tablet when converted.
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    Motorola just patented a self-healing display

    A new patent from Motorola seems to showcase a self-healing display that can heal cracks and fractures.
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    Samsung registers 19.5 patents on a daily basis in 2017

    IBM has registered 5,797 patents in 2017 so far. Samsung is in second place with 4,143 patent registrations. This means that the company has registered 19.5 patents daily on average from January 1 through August 1 2017. IBM also leads tech companies in the total number of patents awarded since...
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    Qualcomm CEO expects Apple will end up settling in latest lawsiut

    Qualcomm and Apple are currently in a heated back and forth of legalities. Not long ago, Qualcomm sued Apple over unpaid patent loyalties that Apple allegedly refuses to pay for. The lawsuit in question even called for a temporary ban of all Apple products that use Qualcomm's patents. Qualcomm's...
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    Samsung is granted patents for two new smartphones

    The US Patent and Trademark Office has just approved patents filed by Samsung for two new smartphones, but it's unlikely that these will ever come to fruition.
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    Google has held a patent for a pressure sensitive smartphone frame since 2013

    After new leaks regarding the Pixel XL 2 were revealed, Ron Amadeo discovered that Google has owned a patent for a pressure sensitive frame since 2013.
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    Alphabet's Waymo drops 3 patent claims in case against Uber

    Alphabet's self-driving car business, Waymo, has removed 3 claims of patent infringement from its lawsuit against Uber. Instead, the company is focusing on one case of alleged patent theft.
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    New Google patent shows someone using the back of the phone as a touchpad

    A new patent was recently awarded to Google that shows someone using the back of the phone as a touchpad. It's unclear if this will ever make it into a future Pixel phone, but the concept is interesting nonetheless.
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    Amazon wants to put a drone hub in your city

    A new patent has been discovered which shows Amazon's potential plans for a drone warehouse hub for delivering and receiving packages.
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    Samsung has patented a phone case which will let you charge your Gear S3

    A new patent filing reveals Samsung may be working on a smartphone case which will let you simultaneously charge your Gear S3 smartwatch without plugging into the wall.