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  1. A

    Help How can I add a picture to post thread here in the forum?

    Can someone help me figure out how to attach a picture in here? I just have the option with the URL. Thank you!
  2. W

    Help [SOLVED] [Evolver 7.9.7/Android 13] Pictures still not geotagged

    Hello, After upgrading to Evolver 7.9.7/Android 13 last night, I noticed that pictures were no longer geotagged. Adding the Camera app to the list of apps authorized to use the Location service, and even rebooting made no difference: There's still no Location item in the app's Settings...
  3. J

    expired picture messages issue

    I have an s21 plus and the issue I'm having is that when I get sent pictures, it comes up as automatically expired.. like it expires the minute it's sent and when I click it, it says somethings wrong. Here's the catch though, for some reason it doesn't work when my sister, (Galaxy, verizon, diff...
  4. Six dots Software

    [paid] PicSure Pro - camera app

    PicSure Pro Picsure is a no-frills camera app, Tailor made for everyone who wants to organize, tag and control taking pictures. It takes most tasks away by finding the best settings automatically and shows directly the amount of megapixels in the top corner. And best of all, the the camera app...
  5. C

    Where are my Pictures??

    Who created this environment?? Did no one test it to see if it was usable? 1. Take a picture 2. Open whatever tool the phone comes with to view them. See it's there... okay. 3. Create an email 4. Try to attach the picture... Can you find it?? I can't. There are all these different...
  6. M

    Rooting Moto E5 Possible To Recover Photos With Appropriate Recovery Apps On A Reformatted Android?

    Hello. Nice to meet you all once again! I have a serious dilemma! I need your help and advice! Hello. This past week (Wed., July 22nd, 2020), in the midst of searching on Chrome on my Moto E5 (Non-rooted) [XT1920DL] Tracfone smartphone with Android 8.1.0 I noticed the webpages and the apps...
  7. M

    Help WhatsApp - Files named incorrectly/wrong date (Exif)?

    Hello everyone, so recently I wanted to copy some images from my phone (WhatsApp) to my computer. The problem is that in the gallery of my phone (Galaxy S5) they're named correctly and in the right order, but when I save them on my computer they're in the wrong order and have a wrong...
  8. A

    Help 'Service not activated on network' cannot send pics in MMS

    Hi, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A3. It is fairly new. I tried to send a picture in MMS and it has shown an error message saying 'service not activated on network'. I tried lots of different APN settings which haven't worked. I have credit, and I tried rebooting my phone. Please help.
  9. A

    Help Cant open pics

    Deleted everything out of internal storage file trying to make room and now my pics wont open and when i play a video i get a "unsupported file type" message HELP!!
  10. W

    Help Weird pictures

    I'm uploading some pictures from my galaxy s6. Is has some weird pictures of, i think apps? I don't know how to stop it. But right now I have many target pictures. I don't get it.
  11. D

    Help Downloaded files dont show in gallery

    Whenever I try to download a picture I can find it in the file manager but I can't find it in the gallery. I don't know what to do to fix this when I restart the phone the images and the download folder will appear in the gallery but any new ones added will have to restart the phone for them to...
  12. P

    Help My ZTE Blade s6 won't send pictures. nothing works!!! part 2

    Last time I said that my phone wouldn't send pictures, it just said 'your account balance is too low'. Nothing I've done to fix the problem has worked, from deleting old texts to using handcent. And yes it was all paid for, I paid very recently. Well using handcent fixed the balance problem but...
  13. P

    Help My ZTE Blade s6 won't send pictures! NOTHING WORKS!!!

    I can't send pictures to anyone. I just says 'account balance is too low', I have tried everything from deleting messages to making new access points!!! I have spent hours trying to fix this and so far I've had no success, I need help badly. Handcent next SMS won't even work, it gets stuck on...