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qr codes

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    [FREE] [SECURE] [FAST] Best QR Code Scanner & Barcode Reader - QR Code Generator Free Android App

    The most lightweight (but fast, efficient, and feature-rich) QR code scanner and barcode scanner app for Android you could ever find on Google Play Store It’s very easy to use, no need to press any buttons or adjust the zoom, just open it and point to the QR code, it will auto recognize...
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    Instagram Nametags are just like Snapchat QR codes

    Here is an early look at Instagram Nametags which are basically the same as Snapchat QR codes, letting you take a picture of someone's Nametag to connect and start following them.
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    Some camera applications will scan a QR code for you by simply focusing on it

    Someone with the Nexus 6P just learned that the camera application will scan a QR code for you if you focus on it. This may not work with all camera apps, but it does seem to work with the Google Camera application.
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    Twitter announces QR codes can now be used to share your profile

    Snapchat has had a way to share your profile with other people via QR codes, and you can do this on Twitter now too. All you have to do is view your profile, tap/click the gear icon and then tap/click on QR Code.
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    Walmart Pay launches with QR code mobile payment system

    An update to the Walmart app introduced Walmart Pay with QR codes. Rather than tapping your phone on a payment terminal to make a mobile payment, loyal Walmart customers can open the app and simply scan a QR code which then gets validated within the app and charges the credit card of bank...